Mediterranean, Y’all!

We’ve brought the best of the Mediterranean to the Lone Star State. Our team of Executive Chefs crafted Mediterranean-inspired dishes that will entice your taste buds without abandoning your resolution to eat well.

Taking a cue from the Mediterranean diet trend, we’ve created more than two dozen new entrées, sides, soups, and dips made with simple ingredients like fresh seafood, olive oil, crisp vegetables, and bold spices. Just imagine fennel bulbs, turmeric, leafy kale, red peppers, and vine-ripened tomatoes combined to bring the best flavors of the Mediterranean to your dinner table (or your lunchbox).

Cod with Pesto - Fresh cod seared with sundried tomatoes and Sweety Drop pickled peppers, and topped with herb-spiced bread crumbs. 

Mediterranean Seafood Stew - Spicy shrimp, snapper, cauliflower, and kale in a clear broth spiced with turmeric and cardamom. 

Fennel Tomato and Olive Confit - Fennel bulb provides a burst of anise flavor and Castelvetrano olives exclusively from Sicily lend a sweet butteriness.

Smoked Okra and Tomato Salad - Vivacious, crisp okra, vine-ripened tomatoes, and crips asparagus tips tossed with Mediterranean herbs and spices.
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