Get Your Crunch On

Buddies Matt Teichmann and Dave Miskie wanted big, crackly, crunchy, healthy, sweet granola that reminded them of childhood and that they couldn’t find anywhere. So they made their own. Thus began San Franola Granola. Setting out to create “a healthier way to crunch.” 

All stories have a hero. In this case, it was Dave’s dad. He spent 7 years tinkering with and perfecting his granola recipe. It transformed him, which inspired these two childhood friends to build a brand that brings a healthy crunch to snacking. They developed a top-secret roasting technique to create big, delicious clusters and the perfect crunch, perfectly sweetened with a hint of molasses.

Mixed with all-natural almonds, cinnamon, and oats creates a snack that pleases your inner health-fanatic and your outer taste-fanatic with flavors like Lemon Zest, Toasted Chia, Ginger Snap, and California Raisin. Go ahead - get your crunch on!
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