The Chai's Have It

As February lingers on and the warm weather is still a few weeks off, it nice when you find a quick and easy way to warm yourself up.  Enter Tipu's Chai, enjoy the warm, comforting flavors of authentic spiced chai with these tasty, certified-organic and kosher blends, made with owner Bipin Patel’s grandmother’s recipes.

We discovered Tipu’s Chai, a new chai drink in Montana. Tipu’s founder Bipin Patel uses his Indian grandmother’s chai recipe and adds all-natural ingredients like organic evaporated cane juice for the Sweet & Spicy variety. The chai is easy to make at home or on the go and the soluble nature of the product makes a refreshing iced chai as well.
Patel was inspired to create the new quick brew product line after talking to his customers who wanted an authentic Indian chai without the long brewing process. We have the following Chai Now products in all of our stores:
Tipu’s Chai Now™ The Simple Life: The soluble microground Black Chai Tea is certified kosher and made without sweeteners or milk products. It is pure black tea with organic spices and ginger. Add a level teaspoon to hot milk for a rich and creamy chai latte or to hot water and milk for a more traditional taste. Add your favorite sweetener and enjoy.
Tipu’s Chai Now™ Sweet & Spicy: This product is sweetened and spiced just right and simply needs boiling water and your choice of milk, almond milk, soy or another milk substitute for a creamy cup of chai. The Sweet & Spicy sweetened chai tea blend is made with high-quality black tea, organic spices, organic evaporated cane juice and ginger for a healthy cup of authentic chai.  The chai is also certified organic and kosher. 

Bipin will also be at the following stores from 11am-3:30pm for demonstrations and tastings, make sure to stop by and see him:

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