Happy Tasting from Lahaha Teas

Lahaha which simply translates to "Happy Tasting" is the promise that owner Angie Lin is committed to in every step of bringing her teas exclusively to us at Central Market.  Personally sourced and selected from the top 10 teas in China, these all natural and authentic teas are full of flavor and tradition.

Lahaha is dedicated to only sell the highest quality teas available, and the Royal Black tea is a perfect example of this dedication to quality.  This tea is meticulously sourced, then picked strictly from the top half of each tea leaf, with no dustings, roots or stems.  We are so excited to be carrying such a great product line, that we invite you to choose from the following superb teas and let us know your favorite:
  • Royal Black Tea - preferred by the British Royal Family since 1851, a mouthwatering royal treat in the cup.
  • Jasmine Pearl or Jasmine Green White Tea - the finest white and green teas intertwined with jasmine flowers, mild and floral fragrances
  • Compassionate Oolongs - handpicked from nature’s top grade tea variety since 1725, smell the aroma and taste the delicious sweet finish.
  • Majestic Jade Green Tea - was the choice of Emperors, Empresses and dignitaries since 1536. and has been a gift between leaders of nations.
  • Pu’erh Teas - fermented teas made with the unique, traditional processes used for thousands of years. Soothing for digestion and smooth to the taste.
An assortment of Organic Sencha Green Tea, Germany Chamomile, and naturally flavored herbal teas are also available.
All of the teas may be steeped at least twice and are best prepared with water at 185 degrees F.
And as a special treat for our tea loving foodies, Angie Lin, owner and tea expert, will be visiting select Central Market stores starting February 15th for classes and demos. Please see your local stores calendar for dates and times.
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