180 Years in the Making

When we talk about a product that we carry as "the real deal", there is normally a good story that follows, and this is definitely true for one of my favorites from the cheese department, Barber's Vintage Reserve Cheddar. 

For six generations now the Barber family has been making cheese on their farm in Ditcheat, Somerset, the area of the world where cheddar cheese originated.  They start with rich milk from their own herd of cows, a unique collection of starter cultures, then use the traditional ‘cheddaring' techniques of hand turning to create just the right body and a truly authentic product.

The secret behind Barber's 1833's unique character lies in the use of a collection of traditional starter cultures for which the family are the sole guardians. These cultures are the most important ingredient in determining the flavor and quality of the finished cheese. Barber's cultures are derived from bacteria naturally occurring in the milk of the region and have been isolated for their ability to produce great flavors and traditional cheddar character.

This cheddar has a smooth texture, with both sweet and savoury notes and it is an ideal addition to the cheeseboard topped with a bit of chutney or simply melted on toast.  Also pairs perfectly with a crisp cider.
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