Your Holiday Ham Is Ready for Its Close-up

With Turkey Day behind us, Christmastime is all about the ham. Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Honey-glazed, Spiral-Sliced hams are ready to take center stage on your holiday table. 

(Let’s go back to that for a second: Applewood Smoked Honey-Glazed Ham. Your mouth should be watering. Right. About. Now.) 

These hams have a long history in the United States. The Nueske family first put down roots in Wisconsin in 1887, and it was in 1933 that R.C. Nueske began selling bacon, sausage, turkey, and hams smoked with the family’s special recipe. Despite the hard economic times around the country during the ‘30s, R.C. Nueske was able to grow a following of loyal customers. 

Today, R.C.’s son Bob Nueske, continues the tradition, changing very little in the past 80 years at the family business in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. The Nueskes still import the same combination of herbs and spices – and blend them by hand – to create the recipes used by R.C. Only the leanest cuts of meat are good enough for the Nueske label, and nothing - no water, binders , or fillers – comes between you and the full-to-bursting flavor of Nueske’s moist, tender meat.  Each ham is hand-trimmed for leanness, spiral-sliced down to and around the bone for easy serving, and fully cooked. Just warm and serve!

Central Market’s Market Department now features these Nueske specialty hams: Applewood Smoked Spiral  Honey-Glazed Ham, boneless and bone-in. The applewood flavor comes from slow-smoking meats over Wisconsin Applewood embers. The seasonal, soul-warming scent of honey and spices filling your kitchen comes from the exclusive glaze drizzled by hand over each ham.  

All you need to do is add a sumptuous side dish or two for an all-star holiday meal! 

Please note: Nueske’s Hams are not available at our Austin North Lamar location. We invite you to shop our full line of Fire-Glazed and Uncured Hams as well. 

Image Credit: Neuske's Applewood Smoked Meats
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Pat Bell wrote on 12/19/2013 10:23:54 AM

I would like to thank John in the meat market for his help on my attempt to describe what I needed to make for an upcoming party. I wanted steak on a stick, as you had the sirloin on sale last week. He mistakenly thought I asked him to cut and apply the sticks, but I am so glad he did, or the dish would not have been ready in time otherwise..I love your store, and he is one of the reasons going so far out of his way to help me...Thank you, John.. Sincerely, Pat Bell

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