Chocolate Sale? Sweet!

Whether you need stocking stuffers, party favors, simple gifts, or just a sweet treat, Central Market’s selection of rich chocolates on sale now through December 24th promise something for all chocolate lovers. Here is a look at five of the scrumptious chocolates we have on sale:
Willie’s Cacao Bars, 2 for $6                      
We love the high-quality chocolates produced by Chef Willie Harcourt-Cooze. As a passionate supporter of the small farmers that grow his cacao, Willie’s Cacao bars are made with chocolates from Madagascar, Peru, and Cuba, among others. Each bar is 100% single-origin cacao and made with beans selected and roasted by Willie’s team. Willie’s Cacao Bars are also great in recipes calling for bar chocolate! 
Bovetti Christmas Chocolate Bars, $4.99
You need to look no further for the ultimate stocking stuffers. Chocolatier Walter Bovetti began producing chocolates decades ago, and now continues his craft in the Bordeaux region of France.  We’re featuring six Bovetti Christmas chocolate bars made from both dark and milk chocolate, all with festive images of gingerbread men, Christmas trees, ornaments, and more. Two words: Edible Décor.
Les Chocolat de Pauline Bars, $4.99
Les Chocolat des Pauline fine bars and filled chocolates are the creations of chocolatier Jean-Michel Mortreau based in the Nantes region of France, just southwest of Paris. Each bar is made with single origin cacao blended with high concentrations of cocoa butter for a smooth, creamy texture, even in the darker bars. Pauline chocolates are 100% organic and come in environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging. 

Made Exclusively for Central Market Indulgent Bars, 2 for $5
Our chocolate experts set out to create a delicious chocolate bar that also happened to be fun. The result? Four new bars guaranteed to wake up your taste buds: The Kitchen Sink (my personal fave, made with chocolate, pretzels, nuts, a hint of chile, and a few other taste treats), and three others: The Hatch Bar (as in Hatch chiles), Peppermint Brownie, and Sweet Potato Chip. Each bar is unique to Central Market and new twist on the classic chocolate bar.
Hope and Greenwood Confections
Purveyors of splendid goods, Hope and Greenwood is a small English confection maker with a quaint shop in London, near Covent Garden. Hope and Greenwood makes traditional English treats, such as bonbons and tea cookies, in great giftable glass jars and boxes.
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