Our 2013 Foodie Faves

Well this time year it seems almost impossible to escape a list of what was hot this last year, and after 365 busy days we have searched out a lot of great things this year, but there are definitely a few standout products from this year that we really love. In no particular order, here is our must-have grocery list from 2013.

Small-batch, Hand-made, Hyphenates That Ruled:
  • High Road Ice Cream - High Road produces seriously delicious ice creams and sorbets. Under the direction of CEO and chef Keith Schroeder their culinary team blends their own mixes in-house in small batches, resulting in sweet treats like no other. If it was me I would make sure you have a pint of Brown Butter Praline or Pistachio Honey Ricotta at all times in your freezer.
  • Beekman’s Mortgage Lifter Pasta Sauce - Decades after Marshall Cletis Byles paid off his mortgage with tomato seeds, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge continue to grow these amazing heirloom tomatoes in their gardens at Beekman 1802 Farms. It’s these fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes, along with real garlic, summer onions, and herbs, that add flavor to every jar. Beekman 1802 Farms also honors its ties to small farms by donating 25% of the profits to small American farmers.
  • Central Market Tamales - Tamales are a tradition here in Texas and everyone knows someone who's grandmother, aunt, friend, co-worker makes the best tamales, but we think our six delicious flavors, like Beef Honey Chipotle or Chicken Pibil, will rival just about any of your favorites.
Personal-sized Party of One Perfection:
  • Calorie Conscious Dinners for One - These meals, made fresh daily, by our Central Market Executive Chefs, deliver the same Central Market quality you trust and taste you love, but with a ingredient tweaks to make each meal less than 700 calories.
  • Tiny Pies - They may be tiny in size, but these handmade, handheld treats are big in flavor.  Austin-based Tiny Pies, creates pies that are made from old family recipes with the highest quality all-natural ingredients sourced from local-area farmers markets and merchants.
Bright Flavors from Beyond Our Shores:
  • Passport Brazil - We opened our minds and mouths this April for passport Brazil and have not looked back since. Bright colors, fresh fruits, bold coffees, and sweet treats were just the beginning. Pão de Queijo and Cocada de Forno were so popular they are still available to this day. As well favorites like our 100% Pure Young Coconut Water sourced from a single coconut plantation in sunny Brazil.
  • Belberry Fruit Vinegars - The recipe possibilities for all of the fine Belberry products are endless. Their history dates back to 1956 in the Flemish city of Kortrijk with a request for an ancient marmalade recipe at the local market. Created without sacrificing tradition or fine quality, these royal vinegars, marmalades, and preserves are also now endorsed by the Queen of Belgium. 
  • Compagnia Del Montale Balsamic Vinegar - Saying Compagnia Del Montale balsamic is “from Italy” is a little like saying Tex-Mex comes “from the United States.” Our Specialty Food Buyer unearthed this award-winning balsamic in Modena, Italy, one of only two Italian cities certified as producers of true balsamic vinegar. Modena vinegars are made with a higher proportion of balsamic than other vinegars. It's that higher concentration that gives Compagnia Del Montale Balsamic Vinegar it's rich, dense, smooth-yet-tart taste.
Eating Your Spinach is Just the Tip of the Iceberg:
  • Moroccan Barley Salad - Using grains from all over the globe, our Executive Chefs created new palate-pleasing salads, like the Moroccan Barley Salad, that combine tastes in an entirely new way.
  • Chard Kale Orange Salad - A delicious mix of rainbow chard, kale, orange segments, golden raisins and Texas pecans topped with smoked chili mint dressing, then up your protein by simply adding a bit of chicken or salmon to your salad.
DIYS (Done In Your Store):
  • In-house Roasted Coffee - We began sourcing select green coffees from Brazil and Colombia and are now working with farmers and importers from around the world to create an assortment of great coffees that we roast in our Austin Westgate store and now available in all nine stores. 
  • Great Grain Breads - Flax & Chia Seed and Seedsation Bread are both soft and delicious. The Seedsation bread is full of toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds with the crunch of millet, then sweetened with honey and molasses. May I suggest toasting and then topping with butter and your favorite jam.
  • Sour Cream Pound Cakes - These pound cakes weighing in at just a little over a pound and a half, all start with a batter that has both sour cream and butter to help increase moisture and add to the amazing flavor. Clearly absent from the list of ingredient list are preservatives, which is why the cakes will be made fresh daily, in each store.
Super Savory Salt
  • Selezione Tartufi Black Truffle Salt - What’s so special about this imported Italian wonder? Take it from me, you won’t even have to open the jar before your nose will know. The heady aroma perfect for a perfectly grilled steak and a fully-loaded bursting baked potato gets your mouth watering from 10 paces. Or maybe that was just me. Either way, this Foodie’s fairy dust is a must-have for any kitchen maven.

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