Peak of Season Citrus is Simply Citrusational

Don’t miss a minute of Citrus Fest this year, January 15 through 28. From ugly fruit and pink lemons to Pommelos and Cara Caras, there’s more kinds of citrus than you’ll find anywhere. If you’re ready to juice up your winter, come peel the possibilities. 

Among the dozens and dozens of citrus fruit we will have available during Citrus Fest, there are a few on my list that are a must try:
Satsuma Mandarins - The season's first mandarins herald the arrival of cheerful winter citrus. Easy to peel and nearly seedless, with a flavor of classic tangerine and hint of the tropics
Heirloom Navel Oranges - This is the taste of childhood! Heirloom Navels are grown using the same "old lines" that made California citrus famous. We promise these will be some of the best oranges you have ever tried.
Cara Cara Navels - This pink-fleshed orange has a hint of berry flavor and nicknamed the "power orange" because of their exceptional levels of Vitamins A, C, and the antioxidant lycopene.
Moro Blood Oranges - Originally from Sicily and common throughout Italy, Moro blood oranges are the connoisseur’s citrus with a complex raspberry flavor. They’re generally deep red, almost black inside
Page Mandarins - The superb taste of the page mandarin must come from the fact that it is a cross between a Minneola and a Clementine mandarin. The sweetness and dense pulp definitely make this worth the effort of peeling.
Meyer Lemons - Glossy, vibrant yellow Meyer Lemons are a must have ingredient for the savvy home cook, think about Meyer Lemon Risotto as a foray into this versatile lemon
Kumquats - Like an inside out orange, the Kumquats have a sweet skin and tart, slightly bitter inside. Try candying for desserts or creating a simple syrup perfect for cocktails 
Austrian Finger Limes - These spectacular little pickle-shaped limes are full of juicy pearls of citrus "caviar" that pop in your mouth and make any dish a little more extraordinary.
Etrog - Try using etrog as an aromatic for pork or seafood dishes as a bolder substitute for lemon
Cocktail Grapefruit - this super-sweet grapefruit has the sweetness of a Mandarin and flavors of a Pummelo, this is one grapefruit where no extra sweetener is necessary.
Make sure to make your way beyond the produce department for this event, almost every department has taken this opportunity to perk up their offerings, like citrus marinated chicken breast and sirloin in the Market and the wine department is featuring Riondo Punto Rosso Prosecco which is perfect mixed with fresh squeezed orange juice for mimosas. Then in the grocery aisles Made Exclusively for Central Market Glazed Orange Pound and Lemon Cooler Cookies, cannot be missed. And don't even get me started on the bakery, from lemon poppy seed muffins to lemon tarts and lemon bars theses treats are all the perfect balance of tart and sweet.
If heating-up is your preferred cooking style, then the Central Market chefs who manage our Chef's Case are your new best friends with citrus inspired flavors like fennel lemon rotisserie chicken, lemon horseradish potatoes, and smoked harissa chicken breast. 
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