Japanese Cooking, Simplified

Discover an easy way to create authentic Japanese flavors in your own kitchen. Hiriko Shimbo an authority on Japanese cuisine will introduce you to six sauces that can be made, then kept on hand so that prep work becomes a breeze and to traditional Japanese cooking techniques that can be applied to American produce, meat, and fish.

You may have been intrigued by the many accolades that have been recently given for Hiroko Shimbo’s newest cookbook.  Good Morning America’s Food Editor, Sara Moulton, included Hiroko’s American Kitchen on her list of Best Cookbooks of 2012 as did the Chicago Tribune, which noted that she has devised “six easy sauces that give modern recipes… authentic taste. These sauces will transform such all-American ingredients as corn on the cob into something more intriguing – and truly Japanese in flavor."  In the "Books That Cook" column in Fine Cooking, the reviewer declares that "with this brilliant recipe collection, award-winning cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo demonstrates how easy it can be to bring Japanese cooking to the American table. A few key Japanese ingredients plus your usual supermarket items and you’re ready to go."  The New York Times review says "...This is about as good as it gets" and the Los Angeles Times calls the cookbook "a god-send."
This well-known and widely admired authority on Japanese cuisine will be in our Cooking Schools this coming month.  On January 24 at Dallas Lovers Lane,  January 25 at Austin North Lamar, and on January 26 in Houston. Join us for a fascinating evening and leave with the confidence that you can bring the flavors of Japan to your table.

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