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When I was a kid, yogurt was simple, I had the choice of a few basic fruit flavors or plain. Oh how life has changed, I walk through our dairy section today and am amazed by the flavors and varieties of yogurt that we carry.

To help navigate these densely packed shelves here is a quick tutorial on some of the yogurt varieties we carry and how to find just the one you are looking for. 

As a refresher, yogurt is made by combining milk and live cultures, you might want to begin your tour of the yogurt aisle with a regular American yogurt, and Maple Hill Creamery is at the head of the class when you are talking about a classic yogurt. From there try a European-style yogurt like Traders Point Creamery which are made with no preservatives or stabilizers and are so smooth and creamy that you can drink them. 
From there you can move to the popular kid on the shelf, Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is made by straining away some of the whey from a regular thinner yogurt. By straining away the the whey you have a thicker product that is higher in protein and more tangy. Greek yogurt is not only a great snack, but works well in a lot of recipes, like this summer soup, Chilled Ginger Carrot Hatch Chile Soup. Lastly in a pinch, you can substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream. 

A great take on Greek yogurt, is Noosa Australian-style yogurt, which is made in small batches, set, and infused with honey to give it that delicious sweet-tart tang, and smooth, velvety texture that sets us apart.
Even thicker than Greek yogurt and just as high in protein is Skyr, which has been made since the Middle Ages in Iceland. We carry Sigi’s and it is one of my yogurts on our shelves, just a hint of sweet in the fruit flavors like Açia and Mixed Berry make this a great dessert substitute. 

This is just the start of our yogurt selection, we have drinkable yogurts, kid friendly yogurts, even non-dairy yogurt, like Co Yo Yogurt, made from coconut milk, a July Foodie Find. The yogurt alternative is free of soy, dairy, gluten, and sugar, and a Central Market exclusive.
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