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We've always been proud of our freshly baked scones, but now they're even better! And these rich, buttery, and tender-textured scones are available in sweet and savory flavors perfect for breakfast or brunch.

We have been working on these new recipes for months, and last week when Edouard, our Bakery Manager, brought all of them to my desk for sampling, of course I said yes. New flavors include:
  • Toasted Almond Apricot
  • Peach White Chocolate Ginger (this one might be my favorite, the spicy hint of ginger is perfect with the creamy white chocolate and sweet peach)
  • Fig, Honey, and Walnuts
  • Sweet Pepper and Goat Cheese
  • Corn, Poblano, and Chihuahua Cheese (I'm thinking this will be perfect alongside a bowl of chili this fall)
Your favorites are also still available, if you are looking for Bacon Cheddar, Cranberry Orange, or classic Plain, there is not reason to fret.

So swing by the bakery, have a sample, or five, and find your new favorite flavor.
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Foster wrote on 11/8/2014 11:31:26 AM

Much prefer the old scones - round, 4 to box [two would be ok as well]; Need raisins reinstated. New ones not as good. PLs advise if old ones can be obtained in Houston ? Thanks.

Camella Motas wrote on 10/2/2014 9:12:54 AM

Pls bring back the MASCARPONE cake from your bakery! We used to drive 70 miles to your location on Lamar in Austin to buy this yummy cake but learned that 6 months ago your corporate office has discontinued this popular and highly saleable cake!!! Thank you!

Andy wrote on 9/24/2014 10:24:02 AM

What happened to your cranberry orange scones of the past? They were very good . The newer ones are simply not the same. Why spoil a good thing?

Rhonda wrote on 9/10/2014 6:00:54 PM

I'm not happy with the change in shape of the scones. Not only do you get less scone for your money (staff said I was certainly not the first to make this comment) but a lot more of the scone is edge which gets very dry in the baking process - that's not a good thing!

Etznab wrote on 9/1/2014 9:16:01 AM

The hatch chile ones you had a few weeks ago were awesom

Debbie Adams wrote on 8/30/2014 12:10:21 PM

Please provide nutrtion information for your baked goods. Please provide more sugar free options.

Susan Aniol wrote on 8/20/2014 4:06:47 PM

Can ya start putting up here Gluten free and meat free receipes? My family eats gluten free and meat free. Some dessert receipes as well and main dishes would be nice, a lot of holidays are just around the corner. Thanks

Virginia Camfield wrote on 8/20/2014 2:25:26 PM

I would buy the big scones if they came two to a package. We can't eat four while they are fresh. And while we're on the topic, I would buy quiche's more often if you sold the small ones more often. The big ones take us a week to eat. We are just two old folks!

Kelly wrote on 8/20/2014 11:59:05 AM

I am looking forward to trying your new flavors, but I must admit that the scone that I love most is your cinnamon apple flavor! I used to get it all the time at your Coit/Bush location, and I haven't seen it in a while. Please bring it back! Thank you!

Sandra Stofan wrote on 8/20/2014 10:34:16 AM

How about chocolate chip scones?

Joyce Hull wrote on 8/20/2014 10:32:09 AM

Please reinstate RAISIN scones!

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