We’ve Hatched Another Idea

It’s true, we think about Hatch all year long. Those little green peppers are such a big part of our lives that they tend to take over sometimes. No sooner has one Hatch festival ended, than the next one is being cooked up on the backburner amid anxious anticipation from fans all over the country. And now, after careful planning and preparation, The Greatest Hatch Chile Festival is here.

New to Dallas Lovers this year is a fun way to taste some of the roast-y goodness in one night, without having to peel so much as a single pepper yourself. It’s a well known fact that we Hatch Heads will put chiles in anything, but we’ve selected a bushel of the best chef-inspired recipes and products for this Friday evening, 8/9/13, for a night we're calling Hatchy Hour. 
We realize some of you are tried and true Hatch Fest followers, and have already tasted many of our standard recipes. Fear not - all of your favorites will be here, like Hatch Macaroni & Cheese, Hatch Pesto Cream Sauce, and Hatch Risotto Cakes with Tomato Saffron Sauce, but you can always expect a few new ideas to hatch in our brains, too.  Our executive chef Brian Johnson and his amazing team will be firing these versatile Hatch chiles into some amazing creations like Hatch Dark Chocolate-dipped Churros and Hatch Pesto Caprese with Heirloom Tomatoes, also in season. For you hardcore Hatch hoarders, we've invented a crisp, cool departure from authentic New Mexico posole with our new Hatch Chile Pozole Salad. It's spicy, sweet, and summery with flavorful, pulled Rotisserie chicken and a citrusy Hatch vinaigrette.
The entire Dallas Lovers store is transformed during this event and it really is a sight to behold. Each department will have thrills (Hatch Bistro Fries) and chills (Hatch lime sorbetto) for you to taste or sip (watch out for Billy's Chilies and Ghost Face Killer beers!) and we’ll have some cool, but also hot, surprises under the Big Top. Larger than life chiles fly from trapezes overhead and are fired from cannons – it’s even fun to watch the roasting action out front (with an ice cold beverage in hand, of course.)

Join The Greatest Hatch Chile Festival on Earth this Friday evening from 4-7 pm at Dallas Lovers.  
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