To Share or Not to Share? (Not)

This August Foodie Find is what happens when a cheesecake and a cupcake fall in love.

You get all the sweet, creamy deliciousness of a cheesecake in the potentially sharable, personal size of a cupcake. (Emphasis on “potentially.”)

Dallasite JoAnn Sitton began Cheesecake Love out of a pure love of cheesecake. From her home kitchen, JoAnn began blending fresh ingredients and hours of patience into each of her cheesecakes found exclusively at Central Market.

Her scratch-made cheesecakes are available in four varieties: Original, Triple Chocolate, Caramel Pecan, and Lemon Lime, and each fun flavor tops a light, buttery crust unique to each one:

Triple Chocolate is a chocolate lover’s dream – cheesecake made of dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and premium cocoa on top of a rich, chocolate cookie crust.

Delicious Caramel Pecan is a yummy combo of smooth and crunchy. Caramel pecan cheesecake and a cookie crust full-to-bursting with pecans come together for a sweet, nutty taste you’ll love. Real lemon zest and lime zest are folded into Cheesecake Love’s Lemon Lime cake, along with lemon and lime juice for a refreshing, tart taste perfect for a hot day … or any day, for that matter.

And if you need more to love, Cheesecake Love cheesecakes are individually wrapped and refreezbale. With two in each package, you can share now or save one for later. Either way, these me-sized sweest are just the right balance between indulgence and your just desserts!

Available in Frozen.
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