That's Cremamore

Translated from Italian, “Cremamore” means “indulgence by the scoopful.”

No, not really, but the description fits. Our newest August Foodie Find is an ultra-creamy, tart, and sweet Gorgonzola cheese so smooth you can scoop it.

Cremamore has history shot-through it's veins. The story goes a young man in a quiet village just southwest of Milan was so lovestruck and distracted that he left a bundle of moist curd hanging overnight in a damp cellar. To hide the mistake, the young man tossed the curd into the morning’s batch of cheese. Days later, the cheese had a greenish mold through the center, and this Gorgonzola was born.

We came across a wheel of Cremamore on the countertop of a quaint little shop in New York where we became practically dizzy with its decadence. Buttery! Velvety! Supple! Tangy! And that’s just the cheese on its own.

It didn’t take long to track down the cheese to Italy, where Cremamore has been family-produced from pasteurized cow’s milk, in small batches, for four generations. We’ve imported wheels of Cremamore directly from Italy, and our in-store Cheese Partners are ready to scoop your indulgence to order. We believe you'll fall in love with it -- just like we did!

Cremamore will be in all stores on August 14th.
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