Labor Day’s Rule

Over the last few years we have begun to see that when it comes to the rules of wine, there are very few.  I actually only have one rule that is true across the board, a great wine, at a great price, is a must have.  Especially when it is a classically styled Cab from Napa. 

A new favorite is, The Rule, from second-generation winemaker Tony Leonardini, our Wine Buyer discovered this lush red wine made from Napa Valley grapes on a more recent trip. It’s the perfect companion to foods sizzling right off the grill, which makes it a must have for the upcoming Labor Day holiday. Its notes of strawberry, currant and strawberry blossoms will bring out the best in your grilled beef. 
Cheese lovers will also love The Rule Cabernet, it is perfect with distinctive cheeses like, Camembert, Danish Blue cheese, and Grafton Village Cheddar.
Make a note and be sure to try this wine that follows all the rules of a Napa Cab, except price.

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sdad wrote on 9/28/2013 1:14:59 AM

Great blog.

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