Charcuterie With Character

Sometimes, the old school really is the best school. That’s arguably the case when it comes to salumist Elias Cairo’s Olympic Provisions Salamis, an August Foodie Find and a Central Market exclusive.

Before setting out on the path to craft charcuterie, the centuries-old French culinary style referring to pork specialty meats sold in delis, Cairo set out on the path to rediscover the art of charcuterie itself.

Cairo toured Europe training with masters of charcuterie in various regions of France, Spain, Greece, and Italy.  Cairo brought those secrets home where he hand-crafts real, artisanal salami in his Portland, Ore., facility, the first USDA-approved salami production in Oregon.

The Olympic Provisions team butchers premium quality pork by hand and dry-cures it on site with herbs and spices ground in-house daily for a pure flavor that harkens back to each salami’s country or region of origin.

Stop by our Deli and sample the selection of Elias Cairo’s award-winning salamis, including Loukanika, a Greek-style salami made with cumin, garlic and orange zest, and the three Saucisson selections representing three regions of France, among others representing Spain and Italy.  
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