Purely Elizabeth Upgrades Granola

Central Market has updated its granola aisle with many new and outstanding selections. One of our favorite additions is Purely Elizabeth, a certified vegan, gluten-free and absolutely delicious granola made with ancient grains such as amaranth and quinoa.

At Purely Elizabeth, nutrient value is a priority. They start with ancient grains, gluten-free oats, and chia seeds rich with omega 3s and add chewy dried fruit, organic coconut oil, and organic coconut sugar. The result is the ultimate granola trifecta: crunchy, sweet, and salty. You can smell the freshness in every box. Baked in small batches to retain the artisan feel, Purely Elizabeth is a tasty topper for yogurt or ice cream. Or just eat it out of hand for a wholesome snack.

Choose from three varieties: original, pumpkin fig and cranberry pecan.

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