We Like Big Bundts and We Cannot Lie

We’re always looking for ways to combine a few of our favorite things into your new favorite thing, and we’ve another got a winner: Strawberry Lemon Greek Yogurt Cake.

This one is a great example of what makes our expert Bakers, well, experts. Capitalizing on the here-to-stay Greek yogurt trend, and wanting to create something perfect for spring time with its plethora of fruits, our Bakers developed a brand-new recipe. 

Our Bakers blended thick Greek yogurt, seasonal fruits, and their expertise into an original creation that a little bit coffee cake, a little bit Bundt cake, and whole lot of heavenly. Rich, creamy, and made from scratch in-store, this soon-to-be-favorite is made with fresh, ripe, red strawberries, tart lemon, and lemon zest folded with real, creamy Greek yogurt for a moist, buttery cake that tastes like a slice of springtime anytime, breakfast, dessert, or even as a snack! 

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