Some Like It Hot. Others, Scorching.

We’re known to crow about our ability to handle anything spicy. Most of us haven’t met High Octane Hot Sauces and Salsas. Central Market is the first retailer to carry Kevin Billings' four salsas and five hot sauces made in small batches just outside of Houston. 

Kevin's sauces also have a kick of heat from Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers that’ll make your eyes water. The hot peppers have a fruity flavor that comes in handy when all that crowing becomes crow you’ll have to eat. We'll get back to that. 

You'll find the usual peck of peppers covered. From Serranos to jalapeños to habaneros, the gang’s all here. Kevin's salsas and sauces are made with locally grown peppers and all are all-natural with no artificial ingredients. 

One of those locally grown peppers is the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper. And, yes, it's hot.

Since the ghost pepper has been the hottest thing growing for the longest time, most people haven't heard of the Moruga Scorpion. But, says Kevin, when it comes the hot peppers, the ghost chilis are simmering down to become the new, earthy habanero. At twice as hot as the ghost, simmering down is not someting the Moruga does. Kevin describes it as a "creeper" in his JP 5 Moruga "tire-smoking sauce": It's got a fruity flavor like a habanero, and the pang of heat you get up front lulls you into a false sense of security. So pepper lovers, be warned and be prepared: Apparenlty, you can use pixie sticks to cure the mouth-scorching caused by the Scorpion. Get ahead. We dare ya! 

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