Fashionable Foodies

When I started planning for Passport Italy, I let my imagination run wild. Some of the first things I thought of with Italy were comforting food,  fast cars, rich history. . . and fashion.  Italian fashion is the epitome of luxury and grace, and Milan Fashion Week is one of the premier fashion events in the world.

Central Market at Preston and Royal will bring piece of that glitz and glamour to Dallas with the help of our friends at the Wade College, a leading school of design located in our own back yard. Their extremely talented students will show off their original designs in a full-on fashion show, held in our Grocery department. They’ll be assisted by professional models, and Aveda will do hair and make to enhance the students' first-class designs. You'll even find some of our favorite Italian products featured in the show. Following the show, students will be available to answer any questions you may have about their design process and inspiration.

Then, Wade College’s Vice-President of Education, John Conte, will share his expertise in Italian Fashion by hosting a class in our Community Room. Mr. Conte is one of the leading thinkers and educators when it comes to the vast world of Italian fashion, and you’ll be able to leave with a solid understanding and respect of Versace, Armani, Prada, and all the other icons of the Italian fashion world.

Join us on May 3rd at 2:00pm for our fashion-inspired afternoon, then stick around for a surprising Opera performance, wine tasting with Italian winemakers, and explore our shelves for unique items brought in just for Passport. It’ll be an afternoon you’d never expect from your Central Market!

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