Don't Miss Our Pancetta Piccante During Passaporto Italia!

Passaporto Italia has started with a bang, and we're excited to pique your curiosity about all the fun, fabulous, foodie-forward Italian, or Italian-inspired, delicacies around every corner in our stores. One of those delicacies is our new Pancetta Piccante. Will, our Deli/Cheese buyer says this is one you simply cannot miss.

Custom made for Central Market by La Querica, Pancetta Piccante is fully cured pork belly made with Berkshire pork and seasoned with natural herbs and spices. It's similar to bacon, but not quite the same thing.

Says Will: 

Pancetta and bacon are both made from pork belly, so they look similar.  And pancetta is commonly called Italian bacon because of its look and [the two] are often interchanged in cooking applications. 

Traditional bacon is smoked and partially cured; therefore, it is cooked prior to eating.  But pancetta is fully cured and ready to eat.  It CAN be cooked like bacon with great success … Since it’s air dried, there is little water left [which leads to] minimal shrinkage in the skillet.  But in Italy, it is a common part of an affettati, a plate of cured meats, alongside prosciutto (which is also not cooked), salami, and other cured meats.

Try our Pancetta Piccante both cooked and uncooked in anything from salads to sandwiches, or even sliced thinly and wrapped around breadsticks! 

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