Caffarel Chocolate, Over 100 Years of Decadence

A Piedmontese chocolate tradition and Italian favorite since 1826, Caffarel Gianduiotto is the confectioner’s most famous product. 

Made from a combination of cacao, sugar, and Piedmont PGI hazelnuts, this sweet treat is known for its rich, velvety texture and unmistakable boatlike shape. The key to the unique, and uniquely, luscious Italian flavor is the Piedmont hazelnuts.

Known as one of the finest varieties of hazelnuts in the world, Piedmont hazelnuts are highly regulated because of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, and must meet a specific set of characteristics to earn that status, granted only by the Italian Consortium of PGI. Those characteristics include shell sheen (how shiny the shell is), the crunchiness of the texture, flavor, and aroma. 

Combining chocolate and hazelnuts was the brainchild of founder Pier Paul Caffarel in 1826. The original Turin Gianduiotto, the iconic boat-shaped sweet that replaced some of the cacao with Piedmont hazelnuts, was introduced in 1856.

While the family-owned company has since grown and moved from its original location in Turin, Italy, to Luserna San Giovanni, where Pier Paul Caffarel was born, little else has changed. Pier Paul's recipe has been handed down through generations, even taking center stage during the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. One taste of the decadent chocolate, and you'll see not only why the recipe has thrived for so long, but also why it has gained a reputation as one of the most recognizable and popular confections in Italy. 

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