Primizie Crispbreads: The Perfect Party Guests

Hands up, who would rather snack than eat a meal? Who finds themselves at the bottom of an empty potato chip bag and doesn’t remember a thing? Who makes dinner out of chips and salsa or orders the cheese plate as an entrée? Me. I do that. And I know I’m not the only one.

In my family, we like to graze. Sure, we have table manners but why drag them out when you can casually stand around shoveling finger foods and balancing forkfuls of cake with one hand while holding your wine in the other? I think it was Lucy Ricardo who wore a dress so tight to dinner that she couldn’t sit down, telling her friends that it’s healthier to stand while eating so the food doesn’t have to turn. This is a philosophy that doesn’t need any pesky scientific findings backing it up in order to be believable.  Any self-respecting Foodie grazer accepts it as truth.

Primizie Crispbreads are the life of the party. And, unlike other chips, they stay crisp well into the after party. They are light but sturdy, ultra-flavorful and support of host of amazing food and dip pairings. These unique crispbreads eat like sinful snacking but are secretly pretty healthy with minimal ingredients, no trans fats, preservatives or cholesterol. And of course, Central Market always takes it a step further by bringing it to you locally as well.

Primizie is a well-known restaurant and catering business out of Austin, TX., owned and operated by Mark and Lisa, a chef husband and wife team. They discovered the idea while touring Italy; leftover cuts of dough were baked or fried to golden perfection for use in other dishes. They came home to Texas and got to work re-developing the recipe and serving them in their eatery, quickly addicting all of their guests to the exciting new favorite.

Central Market loves introducing you to worldly fare with a fabulous local story. It’s even better when we can make it fun and easy to acquire. You can enjoy all three flavors of Primizie: Classic Italian Red Chile & Herbs, Smoked Gouda & Roasted Garlic, and Spicy Chimayo Chile & Lime at your favorite Central Market location, and in your favorite dress, with your beverage of choice. Stand, sit, lie down, whatever feels good. Skip the plate, eat right out of the bag, and don’t forget your favorite dip. Don’t worry if you get crumbs on the floor – we’re family!

Available in the Deli/Cheese department.
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Pj wrote on 5/29/2013 8:20:10 PM

Oh thank God. I have had a Google Alert for Spuntino chips. This company's chips are downright amazing and their Spuntino chip they released about three years ago was vegan and made with about five ingredients; How they made them so potently chip-delicious is beyond my scope of food intelligence. It was embarrassingly devastating when the chips were taken from DFW's shelves for me. Everybody should try these chips who love chips.

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