Let's Have a Cafezinho

A cafezinho might be small in size, but it is a big tradition in Brazil. The custom calls to take a moment out of your day, sit down and actually have a chat and small espresso sized cup of coffee with a friend. To understand the Brazilian coffee culture is to understand the country itself, Brazilians are passionate about enjoying life and their coffee.

Brazil is the biggest grower of coffee in the world, producing nearly a third of the planet's favorite beverage, and we went looking for the best of the best of the best. We started in Minas Gerais one of the 26 Brazilian states, then traveled into the region of Sul de Minas, and finally into the town Carmo de Minas, which is known to have the highest concentration of award-winning coffees in the country. Our buyers met with the top producers on farms where they are picking and processing beans by hand.  As a compliment to the coffee in Minas, we looked to emerging coffee regions like Bahia and Espirito Santo, where weather and elevation create other great coffee microclimates.

In total we bought 12 different green coffees from farms across Brazil and brought them back to Houston to allow one of our favorite partners, Katz Coffee, to find just the right roast profile for each bean.  Brazilian coffees are best when roasted to a light or medium range, this allows the bright body and fruit flavors of the bean to really shine through. Don't let this light roast lead you to believe these are not strong coffees, in fact Brazilians typically drink their coffee stronger than Americans by adjusting the grind to be a bit finer and grounds to water ratio just a bit higher.

If you are serious about coffee, then you wont wan't to miss our coffee cuppings, barista trainings, and the opportunity to meet and chat with coffee experts like Diogo Dias, Liana Baggio, Silvio Leite, and Thiago Trovo. These experts will be traveling across our state the first week of Passaporte Brasil, check your store events calendar to see when events are happening.

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Claudia wrote on 4/23/2013 3:00:02 PM

So true, Thanks for describing the "cafezinho' Brazilian culture, just people who traveled to Brazil and stopped by for a cafezinho can understand how good it's . I am from Sao Paulo and have been living in USA for 11 years, so I do miss a lot the Cafe do Ponto.. very hot and just 1 shot

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