Hooked on a Filling

When is it acceptable to eat more than one slice of cake? When the cake in question is our new mousse cake. Our Pastry chefs have turned the conventional cake upside down with these colorful confections that go beyond the usual cake-and-ice-cream for a multidimensional dessert experience.

Made fresh daily in our Bakery Department, these mousse cakes offer a lighter dessert option just in time for the warmer Texas weather, and the modern, dome design will add a touch of elegance to your table  – whether it’s a dining table or a picnic table.

And that’s just the beginning. Don’t let the small size fool you. There’s a whole lot of richness packed into these cakes. Our Raspberry Mousse Cake features a thin layer of sponge cake topped with a red berry compote and raspberry mousse with a center of Sabayon (think custard) filling, then finished with red cocoa butter. The Lemon Mousse Cake tops a thin layer of sponge cake with a dome of diced strawberries infused with Prosecco and covered with a light lemon mousse and finished with a lemon glaze.

Yes. They are as good as they sound.

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Ross wrote on 4/18/2013 5:39:35 AM

These sound and look delicious. Would they hold up well for an office party or small shower gathering? In other words how long can they be left out of refrigeration for display before cutting. Also can you please email me the pricing on these desserts...it would be very much appreciated as some coworkers would like to contribute to the cost. Thank you so much..\RM

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