Green Coconuts: How Do You Open Them?

In Brazil, it is estimated that the annual consumption of coconuts exceeds 100 million, and one reason for this number must be because on a hot Brazilian beach a cold green coconut is the perfect refreshing treat. Waching someone else skillfully crack open coconut right in front of the of you makes it seem easy, but how do you replicate this experience at home if you are a coconut novice?

I called on our produce team for a quick tutorial and here is what they told me:
  • Pick your green coconut. It should be heavy for its size. Chill it in the fridge for at least 2 hours if you would like the juice to be cold.
  • Use a strong serrated knife and you want to cut the top quarter of the coconut off to get to the point where you can empty out the coconut water.
  • It may take many several small cuts on the coconut to cut off the top quarter of the husk.
  • Once you do this, make a small incision to the middle of the coconut to pierce the center cavity.
  • Then drain the coconut water into a glass or stick a straw in and drink the coconut water.
Now, if you are like me and this feels like a bit too much work to enjoy refreshing coconut water on a regular basis, look for our new Central Market 100% Pure Young Coconut Water in convienent Tetra Paks.  This coconut water is the juice from young green coconuts and is the only coconut water in the U.S. that comes directly from a single coconut plantation in sunny Brazil, just 5 miles from the beach so the sodium content is just right for quenching your thirst. 
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