Rachel Gaffney Teaches the Finer Points of Irish Afternoon Tea

When you hear the words “Irish cuisine,” does it conjure images of corn beef, cabbage, and potatoes? If the answer is yes, cookbook author and Irish cooking expert Rachel Gaffney would like to have a word with you.

When she moved to Dallas in 1996, Gaffney, daughter of an Irish cook and baker, couldn’t believe how naïve her new neighbors were about Irish food. And so began her quest to educate people about how delicious her native land’s cuisine could be. It all started with Irish shortbread, which she took to bake sales and birthday parties. Eventually that shortbread landed on the shelves at Central Market. 
And those were only her humble beginnings. Gaffney, who is well on her way to becoming the Martha Stewart of Irish cuisine, is coming to Central Market cooking schools in Southlake, Austin, San Antonio, and Plano, where she demonstrates how easy it can be to entertain in the afternoon. The menu includes the following Irish delicacies:
  • Dubliner Irish cheddar cheese and chutney finger sandwiches
  • Fillo bites with Irish cheese
  • Irish soda bread with smoked salmon spread
  • Lemon zest shortbreads made with Kerrygold unsalted Irish butter
  • Traditional soda scones with homemade lemon curd and cream
  • Irish tea loaf with cold tea-soaked fruits
To learn more about Rachel Gaffney, read this interview with Molly O’Neill on Gourmet Live. Or visit her website.
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