Drink Beer, Save Turtles

Let’s have a Turtle Power party!

October 13 at 5:30 p.m. on our Fort Worth store patio local brewery Martin House will launch their seasonal Turtle Power beer that benefits the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA).

The wonderful people at TSA help save turtles around the world from extinction. Yay!  

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Fall for Orchids: Exotics

Also referred to as Intergenerics, this category includes the well-known Oncidium variety. Long-lasting and wildly colorful, these hybrid varieties are developed over years of natural cross-breeding.

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Fall for Orchids: Phalaenopsis

One of the most commonly recognized orchids is the Phalaenopsis, pronounced fayl-eh-nop-sis. Not only are Phalaenopsis orchids available all year, they are the easiest to grow, and their blooms can last for months. It is these characteristics that make them the perfect gift!

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Fall for Orchids: Miltonias

Known as pansy orchids, Miltonias are distinguished by their large, pansy-like flowers that are both delicately fragrant (similiar to the fragrance of a rose) and long-lasting. The blooms can last for six weeks or more. Eye-catching and bright, Miltonia orchids can range from white and pink to dark purple, pale yellow, or lilac. 

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October Is Texas Wine Month!

Each October we Texans celebrate the amazing wines our great state has to offer. In our stores we’re celebrating with Becker Hill Country Cabernet, Duchman Grape Growers Blend, and TX Locations wine. 

(And if you’re in the Dallas area, our Lovers Lane store has Texas wine vendor demos and special events scheduled today through Sunday!)

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Fall for Orchids: Cymbidiums

Native to sub-tropic Asia (northern India, China, Japan, Philippines), these winter favorites are typically availble in fall through March and feature long, tall stems with up to 25 flowers. 

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Fall for Orchids

Today kicks off our week-long orchid event which will run October 5-11. For centuries, the orchid has been regarded as the queen of flowers, and this week we're celebreating these stately (and easy-to-care-for) blooms by bringing in more varities and making them the star attractions.  

Wait till you visit your Central Market: Our Floral Departments are decked out in the ultra-elegance of an array of brilliantly colored orchids. It's really something to see! Among the beauties we're showcasing this week are: 

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Apple Honey Challah

As you gather with family and friends to welcome a sweet new year, food will certainly be part of the celebration. Pick up a Honey Cake, Coconut Macaroons, Bagels, or Round Challah in our Bakery, or bring home a variety of delicious baking apples from our Apple Fest selection and try your hand at Apple Honey Challah.

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Sweet Potato and Apple Latkes

Looking for something different to make with all those apples on your kitchen counter? Me too. And I wanted something more savory or dinner oriented, rather than a dessert of breakfast dish. And a recipe I hadn't tried before - or even heard of before. 

I leafed through a few cookbooks, asked a few friends, checked a few sites online, and finally landed on Sweet Potato & Apple Latkes with Tahini Lemon Drizzle. I didn't know it, but those were exactly what I was looking for!

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