Browse Our Holiday Guide for Your Perfect Meal

With family and friends gathering 'round your table this Holiday season, let us help make sure your table properly dressed. Central Market's 2014 Holiday Guide is full of delicious and delectable must-haves for this Holiday season, whether you need appetizers, desserts, side dishes, center pieces, full meals, or all of the above.

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The Ultimate Holiday Side Dish

There was one year, just one, that someone forgot the mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day, and it nearly sent my house into a state of panic. Questions like "can you still make them" or "is there a box of instant somewhere in the back of the pantry" were the first reactions. Then, mumbles of "I can't believe no one remembered the ultimate holiday side dish" were heard for the rest of the day.

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The Best of Fall Apples

What is not to love about apples? They are sweet, healthy, and fit right in your hand. And this year's apple crop has been nothing short of fantastic. So, with all the beautiful apples filling our bins, we are often asked, which apple to use when. Now, thanks to the help of our Produce Buyers, we created this great reference for all your fall apple quandaries.

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Break Into Bordeaux

When you hear “Bordeaux,” do you immediately think of rare and expensive wines? It's okay, know I am guilty of it too, but what you might not realize is that some of the best values come from this great wine making region in France. 

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This Wiesenzauber is a Wise Choice

This is your favorite new cheese, I know that is a bold statement, but trust me. Wiesenzauber is a creamy, raw cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland, that cheesemaker Philipp Müller, incorporates fresh Alpine herbs into, hence the translation of Wiesenzauber means, enchanted or magic meadow. This cheese is creamy with a subtle, herbaceous flavor that will excite your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

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We have Flavor Down Cold

We’re changing the way we make our fresh juices at our Fort Worth and San Antonio stores.  You will still find the bounty of flavor-filled juices you love. Only better. The color, texture, nutrients, and taste – especially the taste – are all kicked up a notch by a process called Cold Pressed that keeps our fresh juices as near-to-nature as possible. But first things first:

What is Cold Pressed?

"Cold pressed" basically means "crushing without heat." The process extracts juice by first crushing, then pressing more juices, oils, and tannins from fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Cold pressing generates almost no heat—an important difference from standard juicing. 

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Italy is Only a Scoop Away

Just when we thought our gelato was perfect, we found a way to make it better.

Mirroring how authentic gelato is served in Italy, we’re rolling out something new, starting with the gelato bar in our Fort Worth store: We're serving your favorite flavors from a Pozzetti. The chrome dipping case is designed to give you the best tasting gelato possible by reducing exposure to open air, which can cause oxidation.

Don't worry. The gelato you love is still cooling under those shiny lids. Keeping our gelato covered keeps texture soft, smooth, and creamy. The case also allows for better temperature control. With multiple separate temperature settings, our gelatos and sorbets will always be at just the perfect temperature to showcase your favorite flavors. 

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Aged To Perfection

Last year when Zoe Brickley from The Cellars at Jasper Hill came for product demonstrations during Seize The Cheese, and I spent the entire time she was in our store escorting customers to her so that they could try Alpha Tolman. For weeks after, I could barely recommend anything else. Now, during our Alpine Cheese Fest, this classic Alpine style cheese from Vermont, is getting it's well deserved turn in the spotlight. 

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20th Anniversary Essay Contest

As you may remember, a few months ago we asked you, our customers, to share your stories about Central Market and your food journey with us as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration, in hopes of winning the ultimate foodie getaway to Italy and France. We had more than 400 amazing submissions and the Central Market Leadership team had such a great time reading and viewing all the submissions. So thank you to all that submitted stories.

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Time For a Little R&R

Reading cheese is made at Spring Brook Farm in Reading, Vermont and is a favorite Alpine melter, perfect for the relaxed and sociable eating experience of Raclette.

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