Don’t Miss Winemaker Juanjo Galcera Piñol

Juanjo Galcera Piñol packed his passion for Spanish wine, his sense of humor, and pleeeeenty of wine for tastings and traveled from Spain to Texas to hang out with us during Wine Week. Hooray!

When I caught up with him he was autographing bottles of his Celler Piñol for folks in the Dallas store, his easy-going and friendly personality drawing people in. Wherever you are in your wine exploration journey, Juanjo would be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

You don’t want to miss this guy, so check the store calendars in your area and see when he will be near you! 

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Our Wine Experts Love Wine, Food, & Helping You!

Whether you’re a true-blue oenophile or a wine novice, you couldn’t be in a better set of hands than those of our Central Market Wine Managers when it comes to expert information and recommendations.  

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Adam LaZarre, Founder of Cycles Gladiator, Is Here!

Adam LaZarre, founder of Cycles Gladiator, is riding in to Houston (TH), Southlake (F), and Fort Worth (SAT) to talk about wine with you, answer all your questions, and of course, he'll be pulling corks for tastings! Check your store calendar for details and enjoy this Wine Week special event. 

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Come Meet Winemaker Agustín Lombroni from a Leading Argentine Winery

Agustín Lombroni is traveling from Verum Winery in Patagonia, Argentina, to visit with you, answer questions, and share his love of wine. An exciting young winemaker, Agustín is bringing new ideas to winemaking and showing the world what wonderful wines the region can produce. He will be making the rounds, so check stores in your area to see when you can meet the first native winemaker from Patagonia. 

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Set Your Watches: It's Wine O'Clock All Week!

Set your watch for wine o'clock and come join the fun of Wine Week, July 6-12, at Central Market! It's a week poured full of tastings, cooking classes, opportunities to meet the makers, and of course, our annual Fab 5 Wine sale, all waiting for you to discover them. Wine lovers, this is your week.

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Patriotic Dessert in a Jiffy

Yikes! Your guests are coming this afternoon and while the grill and salads are all taken care of, you don't yet have a dessert. (That half-eaten package of cookies in the cupboard doesn't count.) No worries, here is a bright asummer berry trifle that comes together quickly and looks fabulous.

Get ready to party like it's 1776!


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Menu Ideas to Make Your 4th Sparkle

It's 4th of July weekend! Time for patio parties, pool parties, block parties, backyard parties, and neighborhood parties. And no matter where you gather, one thing is for certain: there will be food!
Lots of it. Yea, America! Here are some menu ideas so tasty that Uncle Sam will want YOU
to dish him up seconds.

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5 Foodie Ideas for a Tasty Week

From grilling fresh peaches with maple cream to sipping a summery Saison, here are 5 ideas for after your next trip to Central Market. Grab your shopping list and get a pen -- you're going to want to make some additions! 

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Provolone Piccante

Have you seen the large, almost teardrop-shaped yellow cheese hanging in the middle of our Cheese department lately? The big, segmented shape is called a mandarone, which means “large tangerine.” And when you walk past it in your store, that will make complete sense: It looks like a (super) giant cheese tangerine.

But it is actually Provolone Piccante, a delightful cheese with a profile everyone can enjoy. It's an Italian cheese we have brought to you from the city of Vescovato, in the province of Cremona, southeast of Milan. And it's exclusive to Central Market!

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Do Yourself A Favor: Try Martin House Brewing Company

If you’re a DFW native and craft beer enthusiast, there’s no doubt you are familiar with the beer genius flowing forth from the Fort’s wild boys, Martin House Brewing. Founded by longtime pals Cody Martin (Evil Beer Genius), David Wedemeier (Marketing & Sales Wizard), and Adam Myers (Mister Fix-it, and Tap-handle Forger), this may just be our favorite Texas brewery, here in Southlake! So come on in and look for Martin House brews on our shelves. You don't want to miss these! 

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