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Prepare your taste buds for what’s in store with updates about our newest and tastiest happenings. From new product rollouts to monthly festivals to celebrity chefs in our Cooking School, here’s where you’ll find the latest and greatest information about Central Market.

Get Ready to Sleep

It is that time of year when everyone is talking about resolutions and how they are going to change up their routines. Last year, my resolution was to get a better night sleep, which included for me, setting an alarm to go to bed (it is amazing how quickly 10:30pm can sneak up on a person).

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Go On a Holiday Stroll With Central Market!

We love the holidays, but we know just how hectic and frenzied it can get the closer you get to those big days. Which is why the November 5th Holiday Stroll: Bites and Delights is the perfect way to ease into this time of year. Truly get into the holiday spirit by enjoying food and beverage samples at stations positioned throughout the store. 

Take your time walk through the store and collect ideas from near and far to make your table the best in town.

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Go Ahead, Choose Cheddar!

If you love cheese, now's the time to get excited! Why? Because it's time for annual cheese festival.

This year, we're inviting you to Choose Cheddar

We know. Cheddar is everyone's go-to cheese for just about everything from topping burgers (and pie!) to the ingredient that makes or breaks your grilled cheese sandwich.

Beginning Wednesday, October 14, through Tuesday, October 27, you can take your love of Cheddar to a whole other level with our Choose Cheddar festival where we're featuring cheddars from all over the world, from mild to sharp, young to aged, nutty to fruity. 

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Cheddar: Orange or White, Which is Right?

In its natural state, Cheddar is a white or yellowish color. To fully understand the colorful history of this cheese, though, we’ll need to take a trip to Cheddar, England, the birthplace of Cheddar! But first, let’s learn a bit about agricultural science.

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Our Orchids are in Full Bloom

Wednesday, Oct. 7, begins our first-ever event devoted to orchids, and we are over-the-bloom excited!

For centuries, the orchid has been regarded as the queen of flowers. And this week only, we've got more of your favorite orchids than we've ever had (and they're on sale)! 

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Fall for Orchids: Vandas

If you’re drawn to showy, fragrant orchids with large, bold blooms, then you are a fan of vanda orchids. 

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Fall for Orchids: Exotics

Also referred to as Intergenerics, this category includes the well-known Oncidium variety. Long-lasting and wildly colorful, these hybrid varieties are developed over years of natural cross-breeding.

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Fall for Orchids: Cymbidiums

These winter favorites typically availble in Fall through March feature long, tall stems with up to 25 flowers. Cymbidium orchids are native to sub-tropical Asia. Think northern India, China, Japan, and the Philippines. 

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