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Prepare your taste buds for what’s in store with updates about our newest and tastiest happenings. From new product rollouts to monthly festivals to celebrity chefs in our Cooking School, here’s where you’ll find the latest and greatest information about Central Market.

The Art of Extraction

Extracting coffee from coffee beans is better known as brewing coffee. How you brew your coffee affects the quality and taste of each cup you sip. But fear not! The perfect cup of coffee is only six steps away.

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House Granola Tastes Like Home

Now a days we have come to accept that granola sometimes gets a bad wrap, even granola does not want to be defined as granola. It wants to be more, more than healthy and hippie and crunchy. Enter Holly Henderson and her very special, very local, very delicious House Granola.

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Know Your Joe

You love your Joe, but do you really know your Joe? Well, your friendly neighborhood java men and java women, aka our Coffee Experts, have created a primer to educate you on all things coffee, from bean to cup.

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Are You Obsessed with Your Daily Grind?

If you can’t live without your daily cup of coffee, grab your favorite mug and get thee to your local store, for Know Your Joe, this year’s coffee event. It's your chance to sip some of the best coffees the world has to offer, meet the coffee growers and farmers who produce them, and learn how to brew the best cup of coffee possible. 

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Rosés and Reds

When our head wine buyer starts an email with the words "Very exciting!" I know that it is going to be good, and the email I recieved this week about a visit from Patrick Léon did not disappoint. Patrick is one of the biggest wine making legends out there, he has been head winemaker at Château Mouton-Rothschild, Opus One, Viña Almaviva, now helping to steer the ship for Chateau D’Esclans in Provence, and he is making stops in four of our stores next week.

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Dallas Lovers Gets A New Wine Manager

Introducing Darrell Gibson, the new manager for our Dallas Lovers Wine & Beer department. Darrell comes to us with years of experience and is eager to add Central Market to his Food Journey. You’ll notice the department changing slightly over the coming months, and we’ll be introducing new partners and new items along the way.

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Meet the Chocolate Maker: Willie Harcourt-Cooze, Willie's Cacao

Trust me, you do not want to miss the chance to meet Willie Harcourt-Cooze and hear him talk about chocolate. Whether you’re a cacao connoisseur, or you’re holding tight to the chocolate you loved as a kid, I promise you’ll have a new outlook on chocolate after listening to Willie. 

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Ice Cream That's Free of The Bad and High on the Good

Do your New Year’s Resolutions have you dreaming about sweet desserts like ice cream, gelato, or even frozen yogurt?   Well, we here at your friendly Central Market Frozen department have just the thing to help you keep your resolution while still indulging your sweet tooth: Dream Kream!

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Reserve Your Valentine's Day Dinners for Two and Let the Romance Begin

We prepare it. You share it. Capture your Valentine’s heart with a complete chef-prepared meal. Reserve at the Catering Desk or by calling the Sweetheart Hotline.

Each complete chef-prepared meal comes with a fruit, Brie, and walnut salad, a brioche loaf, one Mini Anthony's Chocolate Mousse Cake, mixed berries, and four macarons. 

Choose from this year's meals: 

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Death By Chocolate Is the Sweetest Way to Go

Let us ask a silly question: Are you really into chocolate? (Is there any other way to be into chocolate besides “really”?) Have you ever wished for a chocolate fountain … at a regular fountain? Do you say nom nom to bon bons? Is even your Labrador chocolate?

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