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Prepare your taste buds for what’s in store with updates about our newest and tastiest happenings. From new product rollouts to monthly festivals to celebrity chefs in our Cooking School, here’s where you’ll find the latest and greatest information about Central Market.

It’s Going to Be a Mango-licious Summer

Starting June 18 to July 1, Central Market is going crazy for mangos.

Learn how to choose, cut, and store new varieties of the tropical fruit, and, of course, we’ve got some recipes for you, too! 

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Welcome to the Community

Only a year-and-a-half old and this talented upstart Dallas brewery has already won enough medals to masquerade as an Olympic team.

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Shmaltz Brewing Company

What started as a high school joke to Jeremy Cowan and his chums became a million dollar brewery in Clifton Park in 2013. After 17 years of contract brewing in Saratoga, San Francisco, and Brooklyn, Cowan and is world famous brands could stop contract brewing and bring their tongue and cheek brews such as Genesis, Rejewvenator, and Hop Manna to life in a brick and mortar home. 

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Excitement is Brewing

If you are really into beer, then you can't miss our annual celebration of all things barley, hops, and yeast. Just in time to kick off summer, Beer Fest, happening June 11 through 24, will let you discover unique brews from across the state and around the world. You can also meet brewmasters who are expanding and redefining the craft, with brews of every kind. 

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How Do you Say 'Cheers' in French?

You'll want to learn some fun French toasts to celebrate our French Wine Sale going on this week! Now through June 10th, head on over to our Wine Department and save: 

10% Off 6-11 bottles
20% Off 12-17 bottles
25% Off 18 bottles or more

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Eat, Love, Ciao Passport Italy

The last two weeks have been packed full of Italian taste treats as far as the eye can see. As we say ciao to this year's Passport Italy, there is no reason to be sad, because so many of our and your favorite goodies are going to stay stocked on our shelves for months to come.

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Italia in a Flash: Salumi

There are lot of different ways to say delicious in Italian, like delizioso or squisito. But for me the clear translation of delicious is salumi, salame, and salsiccia all words generally referring to seasoned meats that are then cured or smoked. We refer to our great variety of salami and Italian style dry cured sausage as salumi.

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Italia in a Flash: Riso and Risotto

Riso is rice in Italian and risotto is a famous Italian cooked rice dish. Risotto probably originated in Milan, drawing on the rice grown in the fertile Po River Valley since the Arabs introduced rice to the country in the Middle Ages.

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