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Prepare your taste buds for what’s in store with updates about our newest and tastiest happenings. From new product rollouts to monthly festivals to celebrity chefs in our Cooking School, here’s where you’ll find the latest and greatest information about Central Market.

The Burger Revolution Is Here

The Burger Revolution will not be televised. So get up, get out, and get going to Central Market -- you don't want to miss this! Summer grilling is not slowing down, and we've got what you need to fill your grill with sizzling Natural Angus beef burgers packed with flavor. We make them by hand every day and offer a variety of styles and flavors. So join the Revolution – with extra pickles and onions.   

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Shrimply Irresistible

Wine, lilies, ice cream…we have been celebrating all kinds of wonderful things this month at Central Market – and we’re not done yet. That’s right, we’re kicking off another week of festivities today!  This one’s for the seafood lovers – we have a week highlighting exciting new shrimp from around the world and the many tasty, totally irresistible ways to prepare them.

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Fun Alternatives to Classic Dairy Ice Cream

When we were planning this year’s Sundae Fun Day ice cream event we wanted to highlight all the different types of ice cream we had for you. And it’s quite a nice list. Can’t have dairy? No problem. Looking to go organic? Got you covered. How about a protein boost? Soy milk base? Vegan? Gelato? Goat milk? It’s all here. Even if you are traditionalist (and of course you know we have LOTS of options for you!), we think you’ll enjoy stepping out of your usual pint and trying something new. Here are just a few of the ice creams we have for you that will take you on a two scoops adventure:

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Calling All Food Groupies: Meet Sara Moulton

Sara Moulton is stopping by our stores, and although her Cooking School class is already sold out, the host of PBS’s Sara’s Weeknight Meals and author of the popular “KitchenWise” column will sign be signing copies of her newest cookbook, Sara Moulton's Home Cooking 101: How to Make Everything Taste Better. 

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A Three Scoop Party with Sprinkles on Top

I’d scream for ice cream, but my mouth is full. I can’t help myself -- there are just too many awesome options here at the Sundae Fun Day ice cream event.

New flavors, bases, and toppings. Tastings and treats. Cooking classes and (drum roll) a three-day ice cream social! We’ve basically gone bonkers with the ice cream. (THAT sure is a happy sentence to write.)

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5 Steps to Lovely Lilies

The lilies I brought home from Central Market have bloomed into absolutely gorgeous white flowers that fill the kitchen with happiness. They (and the dog) greet me when I open the door from work, and it's a lovely sight. Here's what I did with the stems after I got them home to make sure the lilies looked their best: 

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Lily Fair Is In Full Swing!

Bring lilies home this weekend and be greeted by towering arrangements of giant blooms when you wake up for work during the week. They'll make it a bit easier to shuffle around your kitchen and start your day. How could they not? I mean, look at those happy flowers, trumpeting in a new day! 

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Lilies are floral surprise parties! (And grown in the USA)

Lilies are often closed when you buy them, as if they aren't quite ready to let on how lovely they are. In fact, it may take 3-5 days or more for them to open. So, yah. Lilies like to take their time. But they're totally worth the wait. When you come home from work and they’ve finally burst open like little fireworks, they might as well shout surprise and throw confetti in the air!

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Lily Fair: Re-think Lilies!

You may have images of heavily perfumed white Easter lilies or backyard Tiger Lilies, but there is so much more to see, smell (sometimes), and enjoy. Lilies are flamboyant flowers that come in a wild assortment of vibrant colors -- like flowers from a fairy tale.

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Don’t Miss Winemaker Juanjo Galcera Piñol

Juanjo Galcera Piñol packed his passion for Spanish wine, his sense of humor, and pleeeeenty of wine for tastings and traveled from Spain to Texas to hang out with us during Wine Week. Hooray!

When I caught up with him he was autographing bottles of his Celler Piñol for folks in the Dallas store, his easy-going and friendly personality drawing people in. Wherever you are in your wine exploration journey, Juanjo would be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

You don’t want to miss this guy, so check the store calendars in your area and see when he will be near you! 

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