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Prepare your taste buds for what’s in store with updates about our newest and tastiest happenings. From new product rollouts to monthly festivals to celebrity chefs in our Cooking School, here’s where you’ll find the latest and greatest information about Central Market.

Spring Forward!

Spring officially begins with the Spring Equinox on Friday, March 20. With the change of season come the expected changes like the weather, flowers, fruits and vegetables. One spring shift that may be a little more subtle in our modern world is change to cheese. Yes, cheese!

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Big Fork, Big Bite

Clearly, we love bacon. We also love sausage. But bacon sausage? An almost scandalous love affair ensues. As soon as we tasted Big Fork Bacon Sausage, we knew we wanted to bring it to you. All seven flavors of it! Everyone has a favorite, but it’s hard to choose just one of these. And you don’t have to.

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What’s Your Bacon Style

For our innagural Bacon Fest, we are bringing you more than 75 varieties of specialty and artisan bacons in our Market and Deli, which means you have more than 75 different ways to let your bacon imagination take you beyond breakfast. Here are some basics of bacons to help you get started.

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Raaka Chocolate Bars Rock

See what we did there? “Raaka,” Finnish for “raw,” is pronounced “rock-uh.”

Not that the Brooklyn-based chocolate makers have any Finnish connection. The word sounded good to founder Ryan Cheney, who got in to the sweet world of chocolate while living in a yoga ashram in Thailand.

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We have Flavor Down Cold

In stores now: Our new Cold Pressed Juices!

We’ve changed the way we make our fresh juices!  You will still find the bounty of flavor-filled juices you love. Only better. The color, texture, nutrients, and taste – especially the taste – are all kicked up a notch by a process called Cold Pressed that keeps our fresh juices as near-to-nature as possible. But first things first:

What is Cold Pressed?

"Cold pressed" basically means "crushing without heat." The process extracts juice by first crushing, then pressing more juices, oils, and tannins from fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Cold pressing generates almost no heat—an important difference from standard juicing. 

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Pazazz Apples Are The Newest Star in Our Produce Department

We're excited about the new apples now available in stores—Pazazz apples. 

Our Produce Buyers found these reddish-green (or greenish-red) beauties in Washington State and knew they would make a delicious addition to our wide array of apples.

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Leafy Greens Do a Body - and a Recipe - Good

Leafy greens are an easy way to add a healthy dose of nutrients to your diet. They’re chock-full of good things like fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They also happen to be a wealth of flavor for dishes from sandwiches to sauces. 

Here’s a quick tutorial on the bunches of leafy greens we're showcasing during our Find Your Fresh event, including some fun ways to use them, their health benefits, and some recipes.

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