Foodie Finds

What exactly are Foodie Finds? It’s simple: unique and tasty products that we’ve searched the world over, so you can expand your tastes and experience Foodie-friendly items exclusive to Central Market. Check out this month's issue of Foodie Finds to discover what's in store.

Make Easy, Homemade Organic Ice Cream

Referred to by the New York Times as one of the “most compelling” products at the Fancy Food Show in New York, Naia Home Cranked Ice Cream Mix brings simple, homemade organic ice cream right to your kitchen. 

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Provolone Piccante

Have you seen the large, almost teardrop-shaped yellow cheese hanging in the middle of our Cheese department lately? The big, segmented shape is called a mandarone, which means “large tangerine.” And when you walk past it in your store, that will make complete sense: It looks like a (super) giant cheese tangerine.

But it is actually Provolone Piccante, a delightful cheese with a profile everyone can enjoy. It's an Italian cheese we have brought to you from the city of Vescovato, in the province of Cremona, southeast of Milan. And it's exclusive to Central Market!

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Do Yourself A Favor: Try Martin House Brewing Company

If you’re a DFW native and craft beer enthusiast, there’s no doubt you are familiar with the beer genius flowing forth from the Fort’s wild boys, Martin House Brewing. Founded by longtime pals Cody Martin (Evil Beer Genius), David Wedemeier (Marketing & Sales Wizard), and Adam Myers (Mister Fix-it, and Tap-handle Forger), this may just be our favorite Texas brewery, here in Southlake! So come on in and look for Martin House brews on our shelves. You don't want to miss these! 

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Local DFW Brews In-Store for You!

As a beer buyer, I am always looking for what's new, unique, and local to our community.  I love introducing shoppers to beers that are brewed and bottled in our backyard. It has been very exciting lately with new craft breweries opening locally all around us, and I'm excited to introduce you to some during Beer Fest! 

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Try Something New from Real Ale Brewing in Blanco, TX

Real Ale Brewing in Blanco, Texas, has been brewing top qualty craft beers since 1996 with as little processing as possible. It starts with water from the nearby Blanco River and the highest quality ingredients. Then they take the time to allow all the unique characteristics of the ingredients to shine. Real Ale believes doing less to the beer actually creates more complexity, aroma, and flavor. It is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and they never use preservatives or artificial colors.

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Cool Off With Specialty Summer Brews

During Beer Fest we’re celebrating summer with a variety of light beers, including three specialty brews that might be new to you: sours, saisons, and sessions. We even have ciders for folks looking for crisp refreshment without the bitterness of beer.

So let's jump in to what makes each of these beer styles so special! 

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GQ: Vietnamese Iced Coffee Ice Cream is “Transcendent”

Have you already picked up a bottle of Caphin Vietnamese iced coffee from your Central Market or made your own? Wasn’t the chilled blend of strong coffee, chicory and condensed milk just amazing? Now imagine that fabulous Vietnamese iced coffee flavor…in an ice cream. Shut. Up. I know. Ridiculous. And it exists. Right there in your Central Market freezer, thanks to the lovely ladies of Phin & Phebes.  

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Cold Brew Coffee: What It Is & Why You Need It

It’s iced coffee weather, which means it’s high time you figured out this whole cold brew coffee thing. Then you can stop watering down hot coffee with melty ice cubes and start enjoying full flavored iced coffee, perfect for a hot Texas day.   

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Everyone Will Eat Their Vegetables

It’s so easy to add So. Much. Flavor. to your favorite veggies. These spices work great in the oven or on the grill. But get ready for questions. Questions like, “OH MY GOSH. What is this magical seasoning on the vegetables?” And, “How on Earth did you make the cauliflower taste SO GOOD? I mean, it’s cauliflower.” Now how you answer these questions is completely up to you. Tell them it’s a family secret shared with you by Great Uncle Olaf, or that it came to you in a dream, or the gnomes who live in your garden left the recipe on the patio. Or tell them it’s Urban Accents Veggie Roasters, and they need to go to Central Market and get some for themselves. Your call.    

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Rumi Spice: US Military Vets Connect Afghan Saffron Farmers with the World

Today we’re spotlighting Rumi Spice, a company led by a team of US military veterans working to cultivate peace through sustainable economic development. Rumi Spice partners directly with Afghan farmers to provide the world with high-quality, sustainably farmed saffron, while investing in the Afghan people and strengthening communities. We're proud to carry this saffron in our stores for you! 

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