Foodie Finds

What exactly are Foodie Finds? It’s simple: unique and tasty products that we’ve searched the world over, so you can expand your tastes and experience Foodie-friendly items exclusive to Central Market. Check out this month's issue of Foodie Finds to discover what's in store.

Farm-Raised Salmon = Sad Bears

Yes, poor bears. But their loss is your gain. Verlasso premium salmon is the most responsibly raised — and best tasting — farmed salmon in the world, which is why it's one our of Foodie Finds.

If you love lean, heart-healthy salmon that happens to be harmoniously raised in tune with the environment, then you've gotta try Verlasso salmon.

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Brewed Awakening

Coffee lovers, this Foodie Find is for you. Enjoy your daily devotion with Colombian coffee.

Devotion Café gives you an authentically Colombian coffee experience, beginning with a blend of beans grown in various regions of Colombia and ending with a brew you won’t find anywhere else – Devotion Café is the only truly 100% Colombian coffee on the market today.

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Healthy, Party of One

Q: What’s for dinner?
A: 700 calories or less 

We’ve cooked up something new in our Fresh-To-Go case as an inagural Foodie Find. Our Flavor ▪ Health ▪ Wellness meals guarantee you fresh, great-tasting meals under 700 calories with no cooking involved. (Heating, yes. But no actual cooking.) 

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It's Only A Matter of Wine

A while back, our expert Wine Buyer discovered L’Oliveto Chardonnay, an exceptional white wine from the one of the oldest vineyards in the famous Russian River Valley, in the heart of Sonoma, and then, most importantly, brought it back to you as a Foodie Find. Less than 1,500 cases of this 2011 Chardonnay were produced, which also means that it is a Central Market exclusive. 

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For Tanning, No. For Sautéing, Yes!

Perhaps it’s possible you could get a tasty tan from this coconut oil. But I don’t recommend trying. Instead use NuCo Coconut Oil, an inaugural Foodie Find, for your food-related browning needs.

You can feel good about using it because NuCo’s Coconut Oil is made from certified organic coconuts grown in the Philippines using sustainable harvesting methods. And as a bonus the oil also stays liquid at room temperature, which means it is easy to pour.

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Candycots Are Nature's Candy!

We continue to strive, here at Central Market, to bring you the best that the world has to offer. And our most current selection of apricots are no exception! We also strive to try to convey the very special attributes of a physical item to you, our blog readers, but in this case you really should taste these.

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Culture Club

After seeing the simple packaging of Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt in several neighborhood stores all over Brooklyn, NY, we grabbed a couple of plasic spoons, sat right down on the curb and gave it try. Turns out we sampled a spoonful of special. 

For the next three years, we kept our eye on (read: stalkedMaple Hill Creamery, and when the small family- owned company in upstate New York was ready to branch out, we were waiting to bring them to Central Market in time for our round-up of June/July Foodie Finds. 

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Foodie Finds: Discover the World, One Taste at A Time

It is very nearly physically impossible for us to be any more excited to finally introduce our new Foodie Finds series!

Our Experts, representing just about every department in our stores, have reached out and researched and reconned some far-off places discovering specialty items worthy of being a Central Market Foodie Find. 

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Bring Us The Royal Marmalade, Your Highness

It’s not every day that one gets to enjoy the same luxuries as the Queen, but if there is a place in Texas that can make that a reality, it’s us. The line of royal vinegars, marmalades and preserves from Belberry are now within easy reach at your local Central Market, and we’re so excited that we’re running around making everything (more) perfect just in case the Queen of Belgium stops in. We want to be ready to pass the white glove test!

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Così Delizioso

When one of the best salumerias in Tuscany, Italy's gourmet epicenter, spends nearly five years working with the U.S. government to get approval to import their very special cured ham into the States, you know that we had to get our hands on some. And now, we are excited to be the first to introduce Texas to Prosciutto Toscano.

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