Foodie Finds

What exactly are Foodie Finds? It’s simple: unique and tasty products that we’ve searched the world over, so you can expand your tastes and experience Foodie-friendly items exclusive to Central Market. Check out this month's issue of Foodie Finds to discover what's in store.

Charcuterie With Character

Sometimes, the old school really is the best school. That’s arguably the case when it comes to salumist Elias Cairo’s Olympic Provisions Salamis, an August Foodie Find and a Central Market exclusive.

Before setting out on the path to craft charcuterie, the centuries-old French culinary style referring to pork specialty meats sold in delis, Cairo set out on the path to rediscover the art of charcuterie itself.

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We swear you’ll feel Villa de Patos Raw Maguey Water doing good things for your body right from the first sip.  The August Foodie Find, and Central Market exclusive, comes from the maguey plant (pronounced “mah-gay”) found in the desert of Northern Mexico.

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Savor A Pinch at A Time

Central Market’s Specialty Foods Buyer dazzled Partners and Foodies alike with his August Foodie Find, Selezione Tartufi Black Truffle Salt.

What’s so special about this imported Italian wonder? Take it from me, you won’t even have to open the jar before you nose will know.

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Dulce de Awesome!

This sumptuous sweetie is a traditional treat in parts of Spain, Latin America and South America where it’s found on kitchen tables and in gourmet pastry shops, sold individually or in multi-count boxes.

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That's Cremamore

Translated from Italian, “Cremamore” means “indulgence by the scoopful.”

No, not really, but the description fits. Our newest August Foodie Find is an ultra-creamy, tart, and sweet Gorgonzola cheese so smooth you can scoop it.

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Roam on the Range

The story of Lava Lake Lamb is so much more than the amazing loin chops, rib racks, and legs that are now exclusively available at your local Central Market.  On nearly one million acres of rangeland just outside Sun Valley, Idaho the story begins with a focus on preserving the beautiful land where sheep graze and caring for the sheep in a way that has been done for centuries.

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Ghost Pepper Confidential

Shhh. Did you hear that? It was the sound of a grown man quietly weeping after ingesting a Ghost Pepper. They just came in today at Dallas Lovers. Hurry down here before they’re all gone, but once you get them home – proceed slowly and carefully.

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We're Boasting About Our Roasting

We know you're familiar with the selection of fresh meats in our Deli, though it's possible our selection of in-house roasted meats have been hiding in plain sight. Lucky for you, we're putting them front and center as a July Foodie Find.

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Add Some Serious Spice

O, Canada! Did you know our northern neighbors make a mean mustard?

And why shouldn’t they? After all, Canada is home to 90% of the world’s mustard seed. Our July Foodie Find, Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard, has been spreading the love since 1948. 

Still hand-crafted in small batches by the newest generation of Kozliks, the unique flavors of these mustards pack a punch. The family makes its mustards – the second most popular seasonig in the world, right behind black pepper – from all natural mustard powder, cracked seeds and seeds without any preservatives for a host of sweet, savory and spicy mustards.

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