Foodie Finds

What exactly are Foodie Finds? It’s simple: unique and tasty products that we’ve searched the world over, so you can expand your tastes and experience Foodie-friendly items exclusive to Central Market. Check out this month's issue of Foodie Finds to discover what's in store.

You’ll Scream for Ice Cream. Literally!

Now this is an ice cream for Texas if there ever was one. Bonfatto’s Spice Cream Ice Cream started life as – wait for it – hot sauce for wings.

Here's the story: While at a food show displaying those award-winning wing sauces, third-generation Bonfatto family-member David Letterman (no, not that David Letterman) and his wife faced 100-degree heat with no end in sight. (That sounds familiar, right?)

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Raising the (Olive) Bar

If you were a fan of our Olive Bar before, get ready to hear angels singing now. We’ve given our Olive Bar an extreme makeover. The new and improved Olive Bar features always-refrigerated, unpasteurized olives, exciting olive blends, new varietals, marinades, and salads. What you’ll see: Olives in shades of sharp apple green and deep, rich black. What you’ll taste: The more delicate, real fruit flavor of each olive variety. Trust us, you’ll appreciate olives all over again.

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Haulin’ Oats

Who says oatmeal has be a bowlful of old-fashioned mush? Not the makers of 100-percent all-awesome, all-natural Modern Oats Oatmeal. Their oatmeal is is crunchy, hearty, filling, and gluten-free! Which is what makes this oatmeal a natural fit as a Foodie Find.

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Get Your Crunch On

Buddies Matt Teichmann and Dave Miskie wanted big, crackly, crunchy, healthy, sweet granola that reminded them of childhood and that they couldn’t find anywhere. So they made their own. Thus began San Franola Granola. Setting out to create “a healthier way to crunch.” 

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Que-So, Why Will You Love This Cheese?

Because it's Awesommme! Emphasis on the "Awesommme."

Trust us, Torta Finca Pascualete is an amazing soft, sheep’s milk cheese hand-made in Spain by the family of a count on their ancestral estate.

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The French Connection

The Araucano collection of wines combine the best of French winemaking with the mild terroir of Chile. Brothers Jacques and François Lurton, of the French winemaking family, founded Vina Hacienda Araucano in the Colchagua Valley region of Chile.

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Pump Up the Protein

Founder Adrian Pace was inspired to create Forte Gelato after spending months in hospitals going through several open-heart surgeries. Pace wanted to create healthy, all-natural treats that also taste great for patients and everyone else. 

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Have It Uruguay

Colinas de Garzón Extra Virgin Olive Oils delight the palate with flavors inherited from the rich olive oils of Italy even though Colinas de Garzón oils are crafted in Uruguay.

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Explore The Pastabilities

Who knew Iowa secretly produces authentic, all-natural, homemade Italian sauces? WE DID!

Galassi family chefs start with fresh tomatoes, then add layers of deep flavors from chunks of mushrooms, peppers, Parmesan cheese, extra basil, and herbs and spices you can see and taste.

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Mediterranean, Y’all!

We’ve brought the best of the Mediterranean to the Lone Star State. Our team of Executive Chefs crafted Mediterranean-inspired dishes that will entice your taste buds without abandoning your resolution to eat well.

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