Foodie Finds

What exactly are Foodie Finds? It’s simple: unique and tasty products that we’ve searched the world over, so you can expand your tastes and experience Foodie-friendly items exclusive to Central Market. Check out this month's issue of Foodie Finds to discover what's in store.

Cider Juices Bring Bold Flavor

These drinks aren’t shy. They are a punch of flavor and refreshment that stand up and shout, “Enjoy me! Now!” Think you need a nap? Nope. You need a Foodies cold-pressed cider juice. Need to get pumped before a big presentation? Grab a Foodies.

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The Best Part of Dinner Is Dessert

Especially when you have one of these apple treats to enjoy! Make any meal a special occasion with towering pies, impressive and decadent cheesecakes, and classic crisps: all handmade in Dallas and all incredibly delicious. 

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Bite Hard

Boonville Cider House is a small, artisanal orchard-to-can operation in Mendocino County, California. They grow heirloom apples that balance sweetness with tang, body, and clarity.

Ummm, great, but what's all that mean? 

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Quick Sips: Trappistes Rochefort 10

Trappistes Rochefort 10 beer is an old world favorite from Belgium that I think everyone should love! For folks unfamiliar with the rich, insanely delicious beers of Belgium, this is an excellent place to start. (Preferably with some Saint Angel Brie, topped with fig jam.)

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You'll Want to Remember Forgetful Ned's Salsa

I was supposed to write about something. Oh! Forgetful Ned’s Salsa. They say the taste will blow your mind. But I don’t believe that. Where are my keys? What was I saying? Oh yes, salsa. 

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It's Not A Party Until These Chips Show Up

Great Lakes Potato Chip Company is a family run company in northern Michigan. And they love potato chips. More specifically, they love kettle chips made in Michigan with potatoes grown in Michigan. Folks on the other side of Lake Michigan love them, too! Great Lakes Original flavor kettle chips bested more than 20 other entries in the Chicago Tribune’s quest for the best. “Fresh, clean, buttery,” the paper’s winning review said. “Each chip has skin-on edge, giving it a subtle rustic taste.”

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What Exactly Is Beer? Part IV: Water

Considering water makes up 90% or more of any given beer, it could be called the “main ingredient.” Water is more than just
a base – it’s a huge contributing factor to the flavor, viscosity, body, and even aroma of beer! 

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What Exactly Is Beer? Part III: Yeast

So far we have discussed two of the four main ingredients of beer: malt and hops. Today, let’s talk about yeast, which in this brewer’s opinion, could be considered the most important ingredient in beer. 

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What Exactly Is Beer? Part I: Malt

Ah, beer. As one of the oldest fermented beverages on record, it is quite clear that beer has held a special place in the hearts and minds of humans for a very long time. From as far back as the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Aztecs, beverages made with malted grains, and other ingredients have been a staple. 
But what exactly IS beer? What are the key ingredients and what do they do? Great questions! The main ingredients of beer are malt, hops, yeast, and water. Today we'll take a closer look at malt. 

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