In need of some ideas for a last-minute dinner party? Looking for ways to make traditional entertaining more sensational? Central Market has you covered. From delightful dishes to snazzy table settings to the right wines to pour, we’ll help you stock up on creativity.

Brilliant Bargain Bordeauxs

What better way to start of the new year than to find great wines at affordable prices. When many hear the word, “Bordeaux,” they think expensive and complicated to understand. In the hopes of debunking this myth that myth, we have found five great wines to highlight from Bordeaux, all under $15!

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Add a Little Sparkle to Your Party

Some people still get confused with what to call different categories of bubbly wine such as Cava, Champagne, and Prosecco. "Sparkling Wine" is generally accepted as the catch-all phrase but I'm not sure the whole category wouldn't be better served by going first and foremost by "Magic Wine". You can explain to me with scientific jargon the ways beautiful bubbles are added all day long but at the end of that day it's all magic to me.

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Party Like A Pro

Wondering how many bottles of wine you'll need for a party of ten? Looking to introduce a few new twist to your traditional turkey? Or maybe, you are revving up for some revelry wondering if you should serve profiteroles or popovers.

Capture the true magic of the holiday season with these clever tricks and tips to ensures that your guests will enjoy, dinner will be delightful, and you will be a bit more relaxed from start to finish.

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Decorate Your Holiday Table with a Host of New Side Dishes

The holidays are the best time to dress up your table with festive foods that are as eye-catching as they are mouth-watering.
Our chefs have created several new side dishes this season that just might become your new holiday favorites. You’ll find these dishes and more, as well as our selection of traditional delights like Cornbread Dressing, Whipped Sweet Potatoes, and more. 

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Perfect Your Perfect Cheese Platter

The party season is upon us! Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or want to impress at the office party, cheese boards are consistent crowd-pleasers.

We mined our Cheese guide, quizzed our Certified Cheese Professionals (CCP), and checked with expert sources to get the basics on how to create the perfect, and perfectly easy, cheese board. 

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Frankie V’s Is Our Fiery New Favorite

Frankie V’s line of hot sauces, butters and jams with spooky-themed packaging has hit our shelves just in time for fall festivities. They’re made with high quality, all-natural and often local ingredients, so the heat of the peppers may scare us a little, but health-wise we have nothing to fear.

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Make Way for Rosé

Texan's love their big reds! And why not they are great, but for the unforeseeable future it is going to be 100 degrees in the shade. So as you are lovingly plucking those spicy and still sizzling babyback ribs off the hot grill you might still be deciding on a wine.  If you're grumbling, "Certainly not some sissy pink stuff", then you are missing out.

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Chardonnay is a word that is almost certain to elicit a strong response from guests I help. Many love the grape, while many others will start a conversation about choosing a wine by declaring that they “hate Chardonnay,” but are open to almost any other suggestion. This always saddens me because I know, at no fault of the guest, they have been subjected to some very bad experiences with, what I believe, is one of the greatest varietals in the world. 

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You Had Me at Merlot…

Okay, maybe not, but don’t go all sideways on me! The image of Merlot has taken a beating over the years following a certain movie which shall not be named, but the truth is, Merlot is one of the most classic and noble grapes of the world.

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Summer: The Season of the Burger

Nothing says summer like a burger sizzling on the grill. To help you make the most of the hot days and long nights by the patio, here’s a round-up of our guides and recipes to make you the most popular grill master on the block. 

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