Whether you can whip up flambé with ease, or you just learned how to boil water, Central Market is your recipe mecca. Learn how to use fresh and interesting ingredients, plus score tips from our experts. Wow the crowd with dishes that delight and excite. The best part? You get all the bragging rights.

Four Steps to Good Grillin'

Grilling is one of the easiest, quickest -- and tastiest -- ways to cook fish, including the stars of our Hawaiian Seafood Celebration. The sturdier and fattier fish, like Tuna and Swordfish, really grill beautifully. Mahi Mahi, Monchong, Opah and Kampachi are also totally grill-worthy, so fire up the flame (It’s February in Texas, for goodness sake!), and let’s get grilling!

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Help! I've Never Bought Fish Before!

New to cooking seafood? Well, this is exciting! We love introducing people to new food adventures.  And  good for you for trying something new in the kitchen! Our Hawaiian Seafood Celebration is the perfect time to try cooking fish. To help get your feet wet in the world of seafood, we’ve put together a quick guide about what exactly you’re looking at in the seafood case, how much you’ll need for a dinner party, and what tools make prep easier.

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Take Your Popcorn Beyond Butter

Most everyone can agree that popcorn makes quick, easy snack that's almost perfect every time. The best part about popcorn? It cures just about every snack craving. You just have to know how to make it.

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Cooking with Citrus and Virginia

After the first time I saw Virginia Willis in our Cooking School I started regularly checking her website for recipe ideas, she seems to have a secret path to my Southern heart, and when I happened across a recipe for Spicy Chicken with Clementines, I knew it must be fate or citrus season or both.

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New Year, New Lunch

As you might expect, lunchtime at Central Market can be very interesting, often it involves taste testing a new product in development, trying something that just landed in the produce department, or a sample of anything our Cheese Buyer might have. All in all I'm really lucky, but that luck doesn't mean I'm immune to the sad desk lunch. Sadly, for my tastebuds, it happened all too often.

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Super Smoothies

Everyone has a morning routine, mine goes something like this... Alarm goes off, I hit snooze, alarm goes off, I hit snooze, alarm goes off, I jump in the shower, whirlwind through my bath and closet getting ready, pull my work stuff together, then open my fridge and stare deciding what I am going to make or take for breakfast and lunch. The staring lasts longer than it should, then more often than not I close the fridge, grab a cup of coffee, close my front door, and turn my attention to the traffic stacking up in front of me.

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