Whether you can whip up flambé with ease, or you just learned how to boil water, Central Market is your recipe mecca. Learn how to use fresh and interesting ingredients, plus score tips from our experts. Wow the crowd with dishes that delight and excite. The best part? You get all the bragging rights.

Fat + Air = Ice Cream

Well, not exactly, of course. But the amounts of butterfat and air in ice cream are the reasons why ice cream is sometimes soft and creamy, and other times hard or icy. When you have the perfect balance of both you get a dreamy, melt-in-your-mouth creaminess. If the balance if off, the texture will be, too.  

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5 Foodie Ideas for a Tasty Week

From grilling fresh peaches with maple cream to sipping a summery Saison, here are 5 ideas for after your next trip to Central Market. Grab your shopping list and get a pen -- you're going to want to make some additions! 

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Grilled Sandwiches (Go Great with Beer)

Beer and the grill are two of summer's finest companions. Here's a recipe idea for when you want to grill up something tasty to enjoy with a cold beer, and are looking for a burger alternative. Check it out: Torta with Grilled Chorizo, Avocado, and Cilantro Cream. Sit out on your patio with this grilled sandwich in one hand, an iced down beer in the other, and those worries you had? They'll fade far, far away. 

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Cooking with Beer: Sour Beer Goat Cheese Chile Rellenos....and Blondies

So we all know drinking beer is awesome. But what about cooking with beer? Now maybe you’ve seen or even tried a beer can chicken, and, heck, that qualifies, but I’m thinking more along the lines of Sour Beer Goat Cheese Chile Rellenos and Chocolate Chip Porter Caramel Blondies. Interested? Yah, me too!  

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Mouthwatering Marinated Tomatoes

Whether you’re bringing in tomatoes from your backyard or from our Produce department, this easy recipe will turn them into wonderfully marinated additions to summer salads. Plus, you get a light and flavorful vinaigrette, as well! 

The finished tomatoes are perfect for pasta or grain salads with fresh cheese and herbs, and work great mixed in with greenery, too. They’ll look really spectacular if you use a variety of colors, so if you don’t have your own, a quick walk down our tomato display will give you all you need. Pick up red, yellow, orange, and green for a striking presentation.

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee:OMGood

Vietnamese iced coffee is a tasty balance of flavor opposites: strong, dark concentrated coffee blended with the super sweetness of condensed milk. Traditionally, this chilled coffee drink is made with hot coffee and ice cubes. But with cold brew coffee being so easy to make and buy, it seems like the perfect short cut.

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Flavored Butters Make Everything Better

Julia Child once said, “With enough butter, anything is good.” Today we’re going to take an already wonderful food – butter – and introduce it to a world of flavors. Adding spices, herbs, and other ingredients like vegetables to regular butter gives you an easy way to bring another layer of flavor to meals.

There are so many possibilities, but let’s take a look at what’s hot in restaurants right now that you can try out at home. 

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Make Cake Not Dishes

Blender cakes are quick and easy cakes with directions hardly more complicated than, “Put all ingredients in blender.” 

They're perfect for company, weeknight treats, after school snacks, and when you forget (again) that it’s your week to bring the book club dessert.  Basically, they’re great for anytime, but especially if you want cake in your mouth in a hurry. Or, and this is a big one, you really don’t feel like washing a pile of dishes and spoons. 

Curious? Here is a nice variety to get you started.

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You put WHAT on the grill?

Last week The New York Times Food section was all about grilling. As I read through articles about smoked wings, yak steaks, and grilled peaches, I knew I had to share a few highlights with you! Hopefully they'll inspire you to use your grill in some new and exciting ways this summer. Like to make simple grilled desserts. Or creamy grilled dip for bread and veggies. Yes, for real. Check it out: 

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