Whether you can whip up flambé with ease, or you just learned how to boil water, Central Market is your recipe mecca. Learn how to use fresh and interesting ingredients, plus score tips from our experts. Wow the crowd with dishes that delight and excite. The best part? You get all the bragging rights.

Sweet Potato and Apple Latkes

Looking for something different to make with all those apples on your kitchen counter? Me too. And I wanted something more savory or dinner oriented, rather than a dessert of breakfast dish. And a recipe I hadn't tried before - or even heard of before. 

I leafed through a few cookbooks, asked a few friends, checked a few sites online, and finally landed on Sweet Potato & Apple Latkes with Tahini Lemon Drizzle. I didn't know it, but those were exactly what I was looking for!

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Grilled Apples

I’ve been grilling everything from eggplant to peaches this summer, so when the Great Apple Harvest came around, the idea of tossing apples on the grill was one of my very first thoughts. I got a few quizzical looks at my house, but once folks tasted the grilled apples and licked honey off their fingertips, any questions about my methods vanished!

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Veggie Burgers Beef Up

The New York Times recently ran an article touring the city’s meat-free burger scene. From beets to beans, chefs are using a wide variety of ingredients to create a new wave of burgers that appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters, alike. If you picture frozen pucks of blah when you think veggie burgers, this run down will open your eyes to new possibilities. Maybe you’ll discover some new ideas for your own burger creations!   

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Don't Labor (Day) in the Kitchen

Labor Day celebrates all of the workers who have built this country and keep it rolling. What better way to honor all of that, well, labor, than with a day spent eating, hanging out, and engaged in general goofing off? This is my kind of holiday!

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Easy School Night Dinners

Work! School! Errands! Homework!... Dinner. What to do for dinner? How about something delicious and easy? I thought so. Here are four recipes to help you put a good dinner on the table in a hurry. 

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These Prawns Really Hit the Spot

Spot Prawns. They're actually shrimp – and they taste like a crab and a lobster. And the "spot?" Well, Spot Prawns are reddish brown (bright pink once cooked) with the namesake white spots on their tails. These versatile shellfish have a firm texture and can be fried, grilled, barbecued, sautéed, boiled, roasted, baked, steamed, and used in soup. Whew! But really all you need to do is sauté them with a little garlic, and you’re all set!

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How to Perfectly Prep and Cook Shrimp

After you've made your shrimp selections and are standing in your kitchen with them in an iced-filled bag, the really important part comes: cooking your shrimp the right way. You've probably had the unfortunate experience of trying to eat rubbery, overcooked shrimp and remember how disappointing it was. So, to save you from that misadventure, we’ve compiled some fool-proof tips for shelling, deveining, storing, and cooking shrimp.

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Let's Talk Langoustine

The delicious tail meat of the Langoustine has “chefs from Copenhagen to Vegas in a full-on frenzy,” according to Bon Appétit magazine. The succulent shellfish are closely related to lobster, but have a more elegant, complex and delicate taste. Super-primo Langoustines – like those you’ll find at Central Market -- are sustainably caught in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Scotland. And while they are a very popular dish in France and the Mediterranean,
they’ll be a new product for Central Market and most American retailers. Exciting!

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On a Roll with Rock Shrimp

If you could peer into the cool, deep waters off the eastern coast of Florida, you’d probably spy rock shrimp (and perhaps that pair of sunglasses I lost in the waves on spring break). You'd notice that rock shrimp have a rock hard (hence the name), spiny shell that gives them the appearance of small lobsters. Their penchant for deep water dwelling makes these shrimp extremely hard to harvest, but it’s worth it. They have the incredibly sweet flavor and firm texture of lobster. 

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