Foodie Finds

What exactly are Foodie Finds? It’s simple: unique and tasty products that we’ve searched the world over, so you can expand your tastes and experience Foodie-friendly items exclusive to Central Market. Check out this month's issue of Foodie Finds to discover what's in store.

Topsee Tulip Frosting

Hey! You with the cupcakes, licking the frosting knife! We have a special product we know you’re going to love. So put down the knife…and grab a spoon! Topsee Tulip Frosting is a rich and creamy cream cheese frosting made with only 4 ingredients: powdered sugar, cream cheese, butter, and pure vanilla extract.

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Honeymoon Ice Cream

Come try the ice cream Saveur Magazine called “one of the nation’s best.”

Honeymoon Ice Cream from Mill Valley, California, is now right here in Texas, and from the packaging to the last creamy bite, this is ice cream you’ll remember long after you’ve tried to lick the jar. 

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Dinner Could Not Be Easier

Some nights it's fun to prepare dinner, and other nights it's all about speed, simplicity and getting folks fed. Now. Either way, we're here to help!

If tonight is all about "now," our Foodie Freebie that makes it easy to be green and the Chef Prepared special that puts Citrus Peppercorn chicken on your plate are just what you ordered. 

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Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

Whoops. It's Valentine's Day, and you don't have anything for your sweets. Don't panic. We have everything you need to look like a regular Cupid. 

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Amedei Chocolate: The World's Best

Looking for an extra special chocolate experience?  Then let me introduce Amedei chocolate, crafted bean-to-bar in Tuscany by the world’s first female master chocolatier Cecilia Tessieri. 

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Chocolate Bars: When Only the Classics Will Do

Sure there are all kinds of really wonderful chocolate items in store for our two weeks of Chocolate Indulgence, but sometimes what you really want is a classic: chocolate bars. 

From Italy to Hawaii, we have brought in an exciting line-up of truly amazing chocolate bars from around the world. Let's take a little tour:

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Chocolate Beer? Yes!

If you like to drink your chocolate, we have two dark and creamy beers in store for our Chocolate Indulgence fesival that you must try: Atwater Decadent Chocolate Ale (pictured) and Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad.

We've brought them in special for this event, so hurry in and don't miss this oppotunity to try a couple of really unique chocolate beers. 

Go on, indulge!

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Drink Coffee = Help Haitian Children

What’s better than your morning cup of coffee? How about knowing that your purchase helped children in Haiti who are waiting to be adopted? Awesome, right? When you pick up a bag of A Child’s Hope coffee, all proceeds support the Haitian nonprofit, A Child’s Hope, which provides a safe, loving, and supportive home for more than 300 children in Haiti who don’t have a family to call their own. The organization’s mission is to provide children a home, an education and life skills that will allow them to rebuild and lead the Haiti of tomorrow.

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Epic Bone Broth

If you're looking for a new way to get protein in your diet, how about an old way? EPIC's Bone Broth is a ready-to-heat-and drink beverage made in the traditional fashion our grandparents and great grandparents and great, great grandparents would be very familiar with.

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